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I am often asked about the differences between Rapid Eye Technology (RET) and other therapies that use eye movement, such as EMDR. There are several key elements that demonstrate the uniqueness of RET, and why in my professional opinion, RET is deeper, more complete and permanent than other therapies that use eye movements.

EMDR is a clinical, medically oriented model. As I understand it, EMDR spends much time and focus searching to pin point cause for a client’s symptoms - it comes from a deficit orientation, meaning it is focused on figuring out what is wrong with the client and why.

Rapid Eye (RET) is the original, holistic, spiritually-based eye movement therapy. Being a holistic healing modality, RET recognizes, honors, and works with the whole person - the spirit, mind, emotions and body, not just the mental and emotional aspects. With RET, we focus on clients’ essential, innate wholeness and completeness, and assist them to find it and to bring that forth within themselves.

RET is grounded in a strength-based, wholeness model of change. In my experience, RET works more deeply and is more comprehensive in impact. RET uses all the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) modalities. It also addresses the physical level with specific processes to work directly with the body, and the way the body stores information, memory and learns to change.

RET has a spiritual anchor, in recognizing the innate spiritual essence of all people, (which is separate from any religion or faith system).

RET is safe and gentle. Clients experience little, if any discomfort during RET processes. We bring all issues, emotions, and experiences into the light, and release them. Clients are taught to go as fast as their body can handle easily, and elements are used all along the way so that a client feels safe, empowered, liberated and the true eternal identity of the client is brought out and strengthened.

Clients experiencing RET typically finish appointments feeling empowered, enlivened, and released from negative thoughts and emotions. As clients continue through their programs, they gain increasing freedom from core issues, primary patterns and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in struggle, pain and lack. They gain increasing insight and ability to create their lives differently because they are creating a new spiritual, energetic foundation from the inside out for their lives, their relationships, their business and work endeavors. Clients do not leave appointments feeling weak, fragile or fragmented. Specific elements prevent that from happening.

RET also includes an elegant, powerful cognitive/behavioral component through teaching universal laws and principles for living life successfully. This element is used throughout sessions, and in a client workbook that all my clients use as part of their programs. These universal laws are also taught in my Creating Joy! classes.

Rapid Eye Technology is grounded in over twenty-five years of research that is continuously on-going to further refine, enhance and expand the model, address the changing needs of those receiving it, as well as the changing energetic infrastructural framework of the time in which we live.

When considered closely, the completeness, comprehensiveness, depth of impact, holistic and strength-based, spiritual foundation of RET, in addition to the on-going refinement and its amazing effectiveness, are the compelling reasons why I enthusiastically chose to embrace Rapid Eye Technology for my practice.

Author's Bio: 

Debra Gordy MS MRET is a Transformational Relationship Therapist.

The creator of "Happily Ever After! the Divorced Woman's Program for Healing Relationship Struggle & Creating the Marriage of Your Dreams", Debra specializes in assisting divorced women to end their relationship problems, heal their broken hearts, and create a new beginning for a happy, successful new marriage.

Debra's book, "Cinderella Wisdom ~ Five Secrets for Creating Your Dream Marriage in the Real World" will be published later in 2008.