Raising Your Self-Esteem

Esteem is the value and worth we place on something. Having a healthy self-esteem places value and worth on you as a human being. Low self-esteem prevents you from claiming your “good” in life, and sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world. A healthy self-esteem raises your Spiritual Self-Esteem. Developing a Spiritual self-esteem will lead the way for you to discover and live your life’s purpose. We can make a radical change in our self-esteem by moderating and changing our inner dialogue. Critical self-talk plays a major role in how much we value or under-value ourselves.

Here are some choices you can make to help develop a healthy self-esteem.

1. Stop Comparing
When you compare yourself to others, you create the energy of competition. Each one of us is unique with great gifts to share. If your self-esteem is low you may have the tendency to maximize the good qualities in others which then magnifies your weaknesses.

2. Accept Compliments
When someone offers you a compliment, “Thank you” is the perfect response. A response that qualifies or justifies the compliment is a way of devaluing yourself.

3. Ask for Verification
If someone doesn’t return your call or scows, check the facts instead of making assumptions. Critical self-talk assumes the worst. Stop making up stories and ask “why?” or “is there a problem?” Most times another’s reaction has nothing to do with you.

4. Stop Shielding Yourself
Change the “I should” to “I choose to/or I choose not to.” When you get caught up in the “shoulda, woulda, coulda and I must” syndrome, you make unrealistic demands on yourself that may stop you from ever being good enough.

5. Don’t Label Behaviors
When you do something stupid, say, “I did something stupid” rather than labeling your self by your behavior by saying that you are stupid. This will help you to be more confident as well as stop labeling others and comparing.

Placing a small value on yourself doesn’t serve anyone; and you are here for a purpose that will help you life large. Begin to live large by changing the way you value yourself. Consider these daily steps to raise your self-esteem to a healthy level and take your place in the circle of life!

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Author's Bio: 

Sharon Marquart is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach, Public Speaker, Teacher and Published Author. Her coaching practice is, Living at Yes, (You Embracing Spirit). She inspires and motivates others to embrace the Spirit of life, to Know their Presence, to Feel their Power and to Live their Passions. Sharon is committed to motivate and inspire others to live their best life. Sharon has written “Living With Soulful Purpose, “ “9 Steps to a Happier Healthier You,” and “4 Principles for Living Abundantly.” She can be reached at www.Livingatyes.com or e-mail Sharon @Livingatyes.com