Hi to everyone,

Let me throw some light on Mr.Sam, The Managing Director of a renowed group of companies. A terrific success in business, he spends most of his life working at his office contributing to the growth of his company.

Time goes on, as it always does. Mr.Sam has now turned 60. He is advised by doctors not to work anymore and to be in bed rest all the time.

Mr.Sam turns back at his life and analyses things that he had earned out of his hard work. He finds all he had earned was money. He turns back and finds that he had lost something in that process. ITS LIFE !! YES ITS HIS LIFE !!!

He declares himself an utter failure in his life though he had earned a great sum of money and built his business kingdom. Why?

He researches on this and finds that the following are the eternal truth in life.

Any person has different dimensions to act upon ie., different roles to play. For Mr.Sundar, it was a) Managing director of his group of companies, b) Husband, the head of the family c) Father for his children d) friend for his beloved e) Son for his parents

Any person can call himself a complete success only if he is able to satisfy all his dimensions. In other words, only if a person finds success to spend enough time with all his dimensions, he is a success.

So Ladies & Gentlemen,


You could be a great success in one dimension wherein you could be an utter failure in other dimensions.

Its high time that you chart out all your dimensions and set enough goals for them to spend enough time all of them.

When you find that you are able to satisfy all your dimensions, you also find that wherever you go, you see yourself as a happy person. Its because people dont complain that you are not spending enough time with them.

So avoid workaholism, understand and look at work as a part of your life, a tool for living life the way you want to. Dont sacrifice your life in the process of spending time at work.

Be prepared to have concrete deals with all your dimensions and lead your life with happiness at its extremity !!

Author's Bio: 

Sundar Rabindranath, a Skills Development Manager at Softlogic Systems, Chennai, South India, a Corporate Trainer in Personality Development has got nine years of rich experience in the same field. He has written a no of articles on the same