This little phrase, “just be loving,” is the key to every troubled situation you may encounter.

The magic phrase

If you are nervous about an upcoming encounter, this is the secret. Love evaporates stress. It fills everyone’s need. There is no one who doesn’t need an expression of love from another person.

Can I be loving and not look silly?

You ask, “How can I be loving in a social situation? I don’t want to look ridiculous.”

Give compliments . Show that you see the good things in people. Use your eyes of love to discover and speak a compliment to someone.

Benefits that never stop

You will experience the benefit of doing this in two ways.

• The person will relax because of your approval and be drawn to you in a friendly way.

• You will experience the warm feelings of being appreciative, rather than critical.

What you give out, you get back – law of the universe

The laws of the universe declare that whatever we give out to others, comes back to us in the same kind. That means that when we compliment others, we will be complimented by someone also. It may or may not be the immediate person you are speaking to, but it is inevitable that it will happen. You will notice that you are receiving more compliments than ever before.

Give compliments and get compliments

Compliments set a stage of approval. Mutual positive bonds are created. Stress is replaced with relaxation. Positive thoughts bring joy.

Every single situation can be approached by just being loving … and then watch your joy, and the joy of those around you grow, grow, grow! And it is so simple – just be loving.

To sum it up

• Give compliments

• Talk to people about the good things you see in them

• Create positive bonds

• Good things will come back to you

Just be loving

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Author's Bio: 

Educator to the stars, writer and artist, Dr. Kathy brings positive thoughts to children and adults on the sets in Hollywood.