There are many things a person can do in order to become more organized. For instance, by simply recycling some household items and sorting through papers, you can make a huge difference.

Recycling Items Means Recycling Life

Recycling isn’t just the latest trend around the world because it is good for the environment. Recycling also provides people with the perfect opportunity to re-use old items or at the very least determine what is re-usable and what exactly needs to be thrown away. As well as using recycle points to recycle old bottles, cans and other items, it is quite possible to recycle items within your own home; you simply need to work out what can be used again and what needs throwing out to become more organized.

Obviously, you shouldn’t recycle items you will be able to use again for the same purpose as they were designed. However, if during your hunt for recyclable items you find anything that you cannot use again either in its present form or for another purpose then you shouldn’t think twice – you should throw it out. Develop a nose for what is recyclable and what should be disposed of.

The key to being a good recycler around your own home is to really think about the items you are looking at. Old clothes can be re-used as other items (rags, potholders, table runners, etc.), given to charity or often recycled to create new clothes. The action of clearing out old clothes is, in itself, good organization and will lead to changes in other areas of your life.

The most important thing to remember in your recycling efforts is to be ruthless. If you no longer use something and you can’t think of any way to recycle it then get rid of it. Don’t get tied to items simply because you’ve had them a long time. If anything, this is a very good reason to get rid of them. Give them to charity or if they are beyond that then simply throw them out.

Taming the Paperwork Beast

Paperwork is an ever-present part of most people’s work lives. Anyone with a position of any greater prestige than the burger-flipper at the local fast food restaurant most likely has to deal with paperwork at some level. And you may have discovered, as many people have, that papers have a tendency to pile up. Things get mixed together, lost, and jumbled, leaving you spending hours going through endless stacks of the stuff looking for that one lone order form or bill that you need right away.

Although this sort of frustration and wasted time is all too common, it is by no means necessary. There are simple ways to be sure you will not run into this sort of trouble with your documents. The first and most important rule is to put everything away and filing them in folders when you do not need them. The easiest way to lose track of papers is to leave them laying around where they can be shuffled together, slid under something, mistakenly thrown into the trash bin, or fall into a corner somewhere.

Once the documents are filed away, you need to be able to quickly and easily find the papers you need at any given time. Be sure to clearly label your folders to avoid confusion as to where a specific paper or document might be filed. Also, you should consider using a color coding system to organize your files so you can easily find something at a glance. A black folder, for instance, may be used for your professional documents, a blue folder for personal documents and a brown folder for filial asset documents, and so on. This will help streamline your filing and retrieving process. Keep a note posted somewhere nearby of what each color means, in case anyone else needs to find something in your files.

These two, simple areas are great points to begin with when trying to organize your home. Give them a shot and add some more structure to your life!

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