Dear God,

My sister is presently in the hospital making her transition into the light. I feel it would be comforting to if you would directly give my sister, me and my family words of inspiration at this time. Is her departure from this plane at this time Your Will and/or the will of her soul? Is there a chance for a last ditch effort to keep her here at this time? Our family feels very helpless. What's the best way to handle this? I will be leaving Los Angeles this evening or tomorrow early in hopes of getting to her bedside before she leaves.

Thank you God for always being there for all of us.

God's Answer:

My beloved, there is no difference between the will of your sister’s soul and My Will. On the soul level, there is knowing, and there is peace. Whatever may go on in the Human level, what I say to you now is the Truth.

All of you might line up to be next to enter wholly into the Light you call death if you but knew the magnificence that awaits you. You may know in words, but not in confidence. Do not blame yourself for not knowing or remembering. Trepidation about the body death comes from unwillingness to let go of earth life. You have become dependent upon it. But earth life is just like a chair you have been sitting on. You don’t mourn the loss of that chair. The chair is gone, but you get up. You still are, only now you are without the chair. Now you stand up. And now you fly. And so your beloved sister’s being comes to Me.

On Earth, death is considered a terrible thing, an awful thing, an undesirable incalculable thing, horror of horrors, an unjust untimely ending, and yet a foregone one, for all presently on earth will leave their bodies. The inevitable is called tragedy. In earth terms, it is. It is grievous pain to you who remain physical. But what you call the tragedy of death is merely the soul leaving one room and entering another through a portal that you presently cannot see or touch. That is just the point. It is not physical. It is other than physical. And it is also more.

Your sister does not absent herself from you. Only her physical presence leaves. Her love stays. And your love accompanies her. In the abstract, you accept this. But when it is your beloved sister, and when it is you left behind, and when it is your mother left behind, there is great woe.

You will weep, and you will strike your breast, even though you know you weep in vain. You weep in vain because the body will not return no matter how much you want it to and because your sister is finding great happiness. Your sister’s gain is experienced as your loss, and you weep for that which you perceive as loss.

With every physical death – there is no other death possible – your very foundation is shaken. The physical is not the foundation of you nor of anyone on earth. Soon or late, a few or many times, you are reminded of the holiness of the spirit.

Each of you on earth has some familiarity with this transition from one portal to another, and it is a blessed transition.

Meanwhile, you will do everything you know to keep your sister alive on Earth. That is the nature of life on Earth. Whether your will and your giving make a difference to the outcome doesn’t matter. It makes a difference to you and offers some sense of completion. In any case, there is always value in giving freely.

I know you would not keep your sister on Earth against her will. You don’t need to worry about that. Your sister will die according to Our agreed-upon time, and that is not to be known to you until the moment.

Your sister knows her family’s love for her. Now you must know her love for you. Release her. Release her to stay on earth and release her to leave. Free her to her life on earth or to her entering another life of her own.

Your sister was a blessing to all who met her, as are you. And I do not leave out your beautiful mother.

The only way to handle the imminent death of your sister or the actual death is to give your sister over in love to Me. Place her in My arms of love. Place her in My light. And accompany her as far as you can go at this time.

I am with her, and I am with you. Nothing changes that.

This is a special time for you now. Rush to your sister’s side for your sake, for your sister knows you are with her wherever your physicality may be.

Say to your sister in your heart: “Our love accompanies all dimensions. Our love is dimensionless. Our love reaches near and far. Neither life nor death interrupts our love. And now we take your love and my love and God’s love and we bestow such great love upon our mother that she will know the strength of God and of mother love.”

I bless you and your sister and your mother in life’s journey. The sense of loss you already feel is sense of change. Change is change, not loss. It is a passage. But I suppose that you can also say that every change is a death of the old and a rebirth of the new. Halelujah for rebirth.

I love you deeply, for you are a sender of My love, My beloved.

Your faithful God on Earth and in Heaven

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