You must have faith in order to manifest any outcome. A clear understanding of faith will help insure your success in manifesting your goals, dreams and the life of your own design.

Although faith is defined as an unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence and something you have complete trust in, it is far more than just a simple belief.

To begin with, whenever you want to manifest something, you need to focus some attention to the wanting itself. Wanting is desiring, longing, and/or wishing. It is asking, or requesting for whatever it is you want. The focus needs to be on the feeling of the desire itself, and how strong that feeling is. The stronger the feeling of desire, the stronger the motivating force, and the stronger the attraction is to what you want. With a strong desire, the goal itself, the idea of the manifestation realized, begins to reel you in towards it until you make it a reality. Without desire, nothing can happen.

You may notice that your desire may be stronger for some things more than others. Your desire may be more intense for things you need like money to pay your mortgage, bills, or put food on the table. Desiring health, or your marriage to work may be far greater then desiring to go on a vacation, a new car, or buying another piece of jewelry. You may discover that you have more desire for things you truly need than for luxuries you just want. As you begin to manifest the things you need, you will find that the luxuries that make life even more enjoyable will also manifest.

How strong must your desire be? Only you can answer that, and to answer that question go back into your personal history. Go to a time when you seem to have made something happen because you wanted it so badly, and there was no doubt in your mind that you made it happen. That is the right strength of desire needed to make anything else you want happen.

To build even more desire, make a list of all the reasons you have for desiring whatever it is you want. Project yourself into the future and imagine how manifesting your desire will change your life for the better. Notice how many other areas of your life will be impacted by this manifestation. Ask yourself question to add clarity to your project. How strong is your desire? Is it something you really need or just want? How important is it to you? What purpose does is serve? Does it solve a problem? Does it make your life better? When you answer these questions your desire will be even stronger.

Although an intense desire alone can make dreams come true, it is even better when you have faith in your desire. Remember that faith is at the core of this, and faith is a belief. It is a conviction that certain things are true or real, and you can expect them to be so. Belief in what you desire manifesting will give you the strength to hold on until it does. It is a deep feeling of knowing, and it is expressed as a simple statement you make to yourself that gets stronger the more you repeat it. Statements like "I know I will be healthy again," "I know I will create financial security," "I know this business venture will work," are just small examples of a belief expressed with conviction.

Like desire, the necessary strength of your belief is something that only you know. Desire and belief are feelings, and feelings are subjective. You cannot put a number, weight or size to any feeling, and to describe how much desire, or belief you have is as hard as describing how you feel when you are deeply in love. Go back into your personal history and find a time when you manifested something from what seemed to be purely from an intense belief that it would. That is the right strength of belief.

Belief is probably the most important factor in the equation. Without belief, nothing can happen. But if you can conceive it, and believe it, than you can achieve it. Make sure that whatever it is you desire to manifest, is something you believe you can manifest. Even the slightest amount of belief is better than no belief at all. Ask yourself questions like, "Do I believe I deserve it?" "Do I believe I am capable of making it happen?" "Do I believe it is possible?" "Am I limiting the direction from where I will get my end result?" "Do I have any limiting beliefs getting in my way?'

A good way to find out where you have a limiting beliefs is to notice what you are making excuses for in your lack of attaining success, happiness, love, or health in your life. Any time you point the finger at someone or something, outside of yourself, for your failures or lacks, you are almost certainly exposing one of your limiting beliefs. Stop making excuses. They are neither reasons, nor are they facts. Stop being a victim. Go beyond your limiting beliefs, and take ownership of your life.

With desiring something to manifest, and believing it is possible, you develop a sense of knowing that it is going to happen. It is a feeling of expectancy. Expectation keeps you on the alert, looking out for what it is you desire, and it must be present at all times. You need to expect your desire to become a reality without a shadow of a doubt. To have full conviction that your desire will manifest will boost the success of it happening. Expectancy is hope, or certainty, and it is a direct result of your belief.

Belief and expectancy have to go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other because expectancy is a belief, yet, it is one with intense conviction. To have belief without expectancy means you are just giving lip service to yourself. Having strong expectancy means walking the talk, being fully congruent. It is like the story of many people coming together in a time of drought to pray for rain because they believe that when many come together to pray for something the likelihood of it happening is greater. Yet, only one person actually walks in with an umbrella. That's expectancy! Like with desire, and belief, only you can determine how strong a feeling of expectancy you need to have in order to make anything happen.

Faith is the coming together of desire, belief, and expectancy, and having them work congruently with each other. You cannot say to yourself "I really desire to get well, but with this illness, it will never happen." Then you are right, it will never happen with a belief and expectation like that. In this case desire is not enough to reach the goal of health. Another example is to say "I believe I can get well in six months, but if I do, I won't get the same attention from my family." No desire leads to no outcome. Integration, and congruency of the three subjective energies, desire, belief, and expectancy is what faith is all about.

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