The moment you decide you know it all you start shrinking. The knowledge that really counts in life is the one you acquire after you think you know it all – typically after teenage years, although it’s not always the case.

A life-time growth pursuit requires you to be:
• Flexible: Posses the capability to adapt to new, different or changing environment, yielding to influence.
• Bendable: Posses the ability to be guided toward change without resistance.
• Stretchable: Posses the capacity to extend, stretch and expand so that you are capable of containing more.

The qualities above will enable you to:
• Explore and believe God for new things
• Embrace any necessary changes as needed
• Envision bigger dreams

Sequoia trees can live for up to 2,000 years and reach up to 379 feet in height. It has been said that if a sequoia tree had the mind of a human it will only grow up to 10 feet tall!

When you live in a pursuit of continued growth, you will discover that what you see today as your ceilings or upper limits, become the floors where you will walk on tomorrow!

Ananlize the areas that need to be taken a higher levels in your life. It may be managing finances, building relationships, kicking a habit or gaining a greater understanding of YOU- the essence of your being- better. Determine to increase your knowledge on topics of interest by reading at least one book per month.

“The wise hears and increases learning; and understanding one get wisdom.” Proverbs. 1:5 (MKJV).

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Coach Nestor Lima specializes in empowering small business owners and individuals to define thier purpose in life and to set clear and achievable goals. He guides them to become more profitable and productive. Visit coach Nestor at