A man covets in his heart, speaks out from his heart, and it is in his heart that he keeps his feelings of the past and the present. The heart chakra is like a bouncing ball. It attracts to itself those feelings which it sends out. This chakra assists us in expressing our self emotionally and creatively. When it functions without any obstructions such as negative emotions or unhealthy attachments, it helps us create things that are beneficial to others such as art, literature, music, architecture and other self expressive mediums in the physical world. On an astral level, it allows us to be compassionate, altruistic, loving and peace creating.

When energy does not flow freely within the heart chakra, one can remain stuck in a state of anger, fear, resentment, hatred and destructive behavior. What consume the person’s existence are those things which he harbors in his heart. In order to move into an abundant life full of love and acceptance, the heart chakra needs to be purified. We must take responsibility for our feelings and then consciously decide to take charge of our life and actions. After the decision is made, we need to initiate the purification process.

First, we will have to examine and take into account what has caused us to experience such negative feelings. If we are able to point to a specific person or an event in this life, we will need to let go of the blame. Second, we will have to send out thoughts and feelings of forgiveness to that person and allow our self to let go of the negativity.

Next, e will need to start being aware of our responses when something in a given moment reminds us of those past wounds. When this happens, we have to consciously strive to send out thoughts of loving kindness and understand that our experiences are lessons of the heart and nothing more. We must not become attached to our feelings but rather stay objective and acknowledge that everything in life is a passing phenomenon from our anger to our laughter.

When we purify our heart chakra and welcome others in, we are in return ready to receive their gifts of love, peace, and mutual understanding. The expression “two hearts beating as one” refers to the synchronistic life that we share with others. As we nourish our hearts, we extend our love to all around us.

The problems in our society today comes up as a result of our over identification with our self and what we perceive as ours such as children, family, community, heritage, and earthly possessions. The heart is like a vessel. In it, we collect feelings as well as pour our feelings out. When the heart chakra itself is blocked, this exchange becomes hindred. The more the chakra is blocked, the more difficulty we have in expressing ourselves in a healthy way. Just like muddy waters have a residue on the bottom; our heart chakra is tarnished by anger, resentment, hatred, fear and envy.

The emotions of our heart can lift us to the highest grounds and plunge us to the lowest depths. When our hart chakra is open it carries us on its wings to ecstasy and liberation. When it is blocked, it drops our psyche to the darkest self made purgatory. The heart is our doorway to the self and to others. It assists us on our journey in the physical world as well as the emotional one. How do you purify and heal a wounded heart? How do you pick up where you have left off?

One step at a time, filling oneself with awareness and intent to forgive, accept, learn and just continue to move on and share your gifts with others.

Take a moment to reflect from the bottom of your heart how you can allow the purification of your heart chakra to begin starting today.

What has prevented you thus far from giving a dear voice to your heart? It is not uncommon for us to become entangled in the dramas of our mind with which we are bombarded constantly. We then start to have less and less time and willingness to listen to the desires of our heart. It is easier to become angry or hateful because often those feelings are in reaction to outside influence in our life. It seems like it takes more on our part to forgive and love. At times our heart feels empty. You may wonder why?

Because we have missed to fill it up with those feelings which are fulfilling on an emotional and spiritual level.

Author's Bio: 

Rossi Davis, PsyD, CHt. Please visit RossiDavis.com.