In the fast paced and extremely competitive world of
internet business today, savvy business owners and
webmasters alike are finding more and more creative and
effective ways to monetize very nearly every aspect of
their businesses.

These internet marketers, both huge conglomerates and
modest one man operations, of this exciting new tech
oriented era have come to realize that one of the most
determining factors related to their success or failure is
now, and always has been, a properly structured and
tediously cultivated consumer database.

Not surprisingly, the phrase "the money is in the list"
has become the bi-line for literally thousands of marketing
promotions offering a huge array of techniques and
products promising all sorts of list building results,
most of which rely on one key element to be effective...
website traffic.

One very effective tactic which will help you to attract
visitors to your website without spending a fortune on
advertising is providing a newsletter for your
subscribers. Also commonly known as "ezines", regularly
published newsletters provide many benefits for both you
and for your subscribers. Two of the most obvious benefits
for you are; (1) The results can be very financially
rewarding and (2) The actual amount of time and effort
that you will need to dedicate to the creation and
delivery of your ezine can be made very minimal by
comparison within todays technology and, when done

Publishing your own newsletter/ezine will enable you to
very easily and effectively inform your subscribers of new
developments concerning your company as well as your
promotions and offerings. Statistics show that repetition
is a key factor when marketing your products and/or

Publishing a newsletter on a regular basis can provide you
the vehicle to accomplish this task with the proper
moderation and very strict control which is required for
increasing not only the immediate response to your
marketing efforts, but also developing a certain amount of
trust between you and your readers and thereby securing a
long term relationship with them.

Among the many personal benefits of publishing your own
newsletter would be the ability to position yourself as an
authority, or even an expert on various subjects and/or
procedures which have proven to be of interest to your

This is not only a personal benefit, but can also develop
into very effective "self promotion" and begin to draw new
readers to your publication just on the strength of word
of mouth referrals inspired by your knowledge which is
made apparent through your writings.

Obviously, much of this type of benefit is going to depend
heavily upon your level of knowledge related to the
subject of the discussion at hand. This is not to say that
you are going to have to become an expert on every subject
that you choose to cover in your publication. It does
however, require you to do the necessary research to
enable yourself to offer your educated opinion on subjects
which you may not already be familiar with.

It is critical that you always do the necessary research
to verify your material and provide only accurate
information to your readers. It has been said that people
will seldom remember the things you do right, and more
importantly, will seldom forget the things you do wrong.
If you want your readers to believe in you and trust you
when you make a recommendation to them, do the work, it
will be well worth your time in the long run.

There are many hidden aspects of everyday new
publications. Be sure to read part two of this candid look
into owning and operating your own online newsletter or

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