With the world wide release of the Step Up and Speak public speaking system a few days away, Dale Mercer sat down to a 30 minute tell all interview. Dale candidly talked about the tips and techniques used by Great Public Speakers around the world such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy. These include: how to reduce fear and nerves, choosing an effective topic, keeping the audience interested and giving persuasive talks amongst many others tips.

In this interview, Dale begins by telling of his ordinary background filled with manual jobs and failed businesses due to his lack of self confidence. However during this time Dale realised the need to work on and develop his skills as a public speaker and effective communicator in order to gain customers for his business and improve his ability to influence people.

"I was not a natural born speaker" Dale said "but I believe that through following a step-by-step system, anybody can learn to become an effective speaker and presenter; in fact it's essential to a successful career". Dale continues to explain "by learning these skills one becomes more likely to be promoted, will earn more money and will be regarded generally more successful in life than someone with poor communication skills."

Dale's approach is relaxed and conversational as he sits and discusses different elements of preparing for a speech. He talks at length about the importance of preparation by planting an idea in the mind long before the person sits down in front of a computer screen. By following Dale's methods, his students get to overcome the all too familiar sensation of writers block when in front of a blank piece of paper or computer screen.

"I like to use N.E.T. time to practice and prepare for my presentations" Dale explained. "N.E.T. time stands for 'No Extra Time', meaning I use the time engaged in other activities for practice. When driving my car I will speak my thoughts out loud, while jogging I will mentally rehearse and while showering I will give my presentation." Because of our busy lifestyle we must learn to multi-task and use whatever available time we have to get comfortable with not only the topic but the presentation itself.

Invaluable insight is gained from this interview with Dale and many more tips can be taken away and implemented not only in the professional speaking environments but also in every-day conversations.
The Step Up and Speak system is not yet released to the public, however a select few from the US, England, Thailand and Australia have reviewed the program to rave reviews.

Tammy Laudau from Renegade Business Coaching who reviewed the system said: "I've spoken to small groups; I've spoken to auditorium sized venues and these methods definitely increase my presentation skills tremendously. I think it will help anyone to give better presentations whether they're new to the speaking arena or they are a seasoned veteran like me."

To view the full 30 minute interview with Dale Mercer visit: http://www.stepupandspeak.com

Author's Bio: 

Dale Mercer is a sought after speaker, online business consultant and entrepreneur with a passion for research and education. Dale is the author of several online books including 'The 7 Elements of Highly Effective Speakers' and the New 'Step Up And Speak - The Step By Step Blueprint To Preparing and Presenting Winning Presentations."