The Psychological Benefits Of Pet Ownership
By Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor & Certified Life Coach

Loneliness is listed as one of the greatest problems facing people in this country because it decreases mood and robs motivation. Feeling disconnected can create an anxious mood, while isolation and social withdrawal can create a feeling of depression that steals energy to change. Both of these problems can be solved through the power of connection. Psychologically we all need to feel connected in secure and stable relationships to maintain a positive sense of identity and worth.

Sadly many people don't have positive relationships with friends or family because of death, divorce or dysfunction, yet they still feel a positive connection inside. What's their secret? Simple, they have learned the positive power of connecting to pets in a relational way to avoid loneliness and depression.

Here's what you and I can do to understand how to connect with our pets to create greater feelings of psychological wellness and peace.

First, research your daily schedule and lifestyle, then list out which type of pet most closely fits your personality as well as budget. Tropical fish are relaxing and don't have to be walked once a day. Parrots can learn clever phrases but won't chew up your shoes. Dogs can't say hello, but are always excited to see you and earning the affection of a cat's purr is one of the simple joys of life.

Next, invest some time checking out the health benefits of pet ownership which may bring the dramatic improvement of reduced stress and renewed connection to a feeling of emotional wellness and peace. Remember that different personalities attach through different types of pets, so do your research, visit a few pet stores, Internet websites or Web blog's to learn as much as possible to help you in making a wise decision.

Gathering strategic information on the breed you are considering will guide you through the process of understanding all the factors involved, which will help you avoid disappointment by finding the very best fit possible as you begin enriching your life with the psychological benefits of owning a pet.

Finally, here's the bottom line on pet ownership. Every relationship can add value and reduce stress but few are as easy as connecting to a four-legged best friend who prevents loneliness while bringing a better quality of life.

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