Psychic self defense sounds pretty mysterious. The fact is that most of us have some psychic ability. Some will call it a sixth sense, intuition, instinct even a hunch. Some of us are just more observant than others; paying attention. If your sense of hearing, smell or sight is acute you may be able to predict an inevitable event. For example, if you can hear better than your companions, you would be the first to know that a train is coming, that someone is approaching on foot, that a flock of ducks are flying by. You may smell a gas leak, a wild animal or a woman’s lingering perfume. Perhaps you don’t even realize how you know these things.

That’s not to say that some people don’t posses telepathy. Back in early human history we all may have had a more developed psychic ability. It may have been necessary for survival. Over the years humankind has progressed and perhaps suppressed this ability. Many people categorize psychic talent in with UFOs. There are probably psychics out there in total denial. The point is, it is not a bad thing. It is a special skill that may be developed and nurtured at least to a point. Project Star Gate was a government sponsored experiment in 1972-1990. It focused on remote viewing and mind reading. I realize that government information does not necessarily help prove the existence of telepaths.

Psychic self defense requires “paying attention”; being aware of all your senses and listening to your inner voice when it tries communicating to you. Logic will argue with it. You don’t want to appear foolish. Say some evening you come home and as you’re putting the key in the door to your home, you have the feeling someone is in there. You see no obvious evidence, but you have a hunch. What would you do? Call the police at the risk of being embarrassed when you can’t tell them why you feel that way or go on in and hope that logic had the correct argument this time. Maybe when you got out of your car you subconsciously saw or heard something that you didn’t pay attention to. Was that window open when you left this morning? Didn’t you leave the light on over the sink? Did that squeaky board sound come from your neighbor’s house or yours?

We all need to listen to our inner voices and discern the important stuff from the silly if we are to exercise psychic self defense.
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Su Ericksen is a first degree TaeKwonDo black belt and has taught self defense workshops. She lives in the Midwest with her family and works at a large medical center in the cardiology clinic.

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