Theses cds will help you to grow more within yourself and also to help you to grow more spiritualy. Also i have incuded a cd which will help you to see your own personal Spirit Guide ( HELPERS)

Theses cds will do only good and will never harm. I only have go the best CDS on the market and at a low price so everyone can enjoy and be impowerd by theses wonfull spiritual cds.

Also i have many incense sticks to help you get in the mood and to create a safe place for you to go on your own magical journey through this world and to the next with out any harm. All of the cds are safe and will have many instructions on how to use it and when not ot ues them.

The incense sticks are the most popular sticks on the market and they are call Nag Champa the original. They are the best i have ever tried and from today i still use them in all of my own meditations. Spiritual Guides also seemto like them so why not givem them a try by going to OR

All The Best

Vas Andreas

Author's Bio: 


Many thanks for taking your time to read my bio.

I have been a gifted clairvoyant medium since childhood when I had my first paranormal experience when seeing a spirit person when I was only 4 years of age. At that time I had no idea what was going on. Later on I found out I had the special gift of mediumship (SEEING SPIRIT PEOPLE)

I later on wanted to develop and control this wonderful gift when I turned at the age of 29. I attended regularly development groups which helped me tremendously. I then went on from doing training at the psychic studies of Great Britain in London, to gain a diploma in clairvoyance. I have gained many other qualifications through out my life and still am.

I have read all over the country doing online readings in many other psychic chatrooms on the internet. I have also read people as far as from Australia and still from this day get them coming back for my help and guidance.

I work with love and honesty and I will only give out information that you need to hear so which will help you and guide you in the right direction, so you can have a much happier life.


I also worked with the tarot cards. This will help me to attune to your energy levels so I can gain more insight in to what you have to do so you can move forward in the best possible way for you. They are also good is you just wanted to get a one question answered or even a two card question answered. Or even a yes/no answer. My answers will come from the cards but also from SPIRIT GUIDES and ANGELS who will give me a little bit more insight to what you have asked me.

I also do Mediumship readings. This will be linked with you and the spirit world and to see who would like to communicate with you at this moment in time. My SPIRIT GUIDES ASTORIA, JOHN AND AURI will help me to link in with the people who you have lost to the spirit world, and also link in with your guides. I can also help you with finding out who your guide is and what your guide looks like.

Im also a spiritual teacher, which I can help you to develop your skills, or gift as a psychic reader or a medium. I have been helping others online and offline sine 1999 and since then I have seen the wonderful gift of people developing there own spiritual ones. The look on there faces and seeing them develop this gift they have got and see them now go out and do this for themselves is a wonderful thing to see and been able to help in this way is a wonderful gift.


I have been on the psychic TV Programme psychic interactive, doing there online text a psychic service for 12 months.

Also been doing the new regional magazine called RHreview there psychic HOROSCOPES, and been doing them since October 2004 and still doing them.


Introduction to Clairvoyance
Introduction to Tarot
Diploma in Clairvoyance
Diploma in Tarot
Reiki Master - Teacher in Usui Shiki Ryoho, Dolphin Reiki, Gold Reiki, Kundalini Reiki,
Developing Trance Mediumship

Thank you once again for taking your time to read my page and wish all of you all the best in your future and happiness.