According to Paypal Brits will spend over £1.6 billion on their loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Direct Line has predicted that £467 million of this total figure will be spent on expensive jewellery, the lucky recipients should make sure they are covered for these purchases.

The easiest way to be covered for expensive items of jewellery and other gifts you might be lucky enough to receive, is through your home insurance policy. Each individual, according to Paypal, will spend an average of £71.25, with many turning away from the high street, to online shopping as the easiest, cheapest and most convenient method of finding the right gift for a special someone.

People who are in a relationship will spend an average £69.90, although the single people out there will spend an average of £72.60 to try to woo the object of their desire. Single men are the highest spenders as well as young people aged between 25 and 24, although not all Britons are convinced by the romance of Valentines Day, with 36% of people who are in a relationship admitting they will not give any gifts on this romantic day.

A spokeswoman for Paypal, Cristina Hoole, said: "With Christmas only a few weeks behind us, millions will be hitting the shops en masse; however, one in five of us will choose to head online and avoid the crowds. Shopping online is not only often more convenient, but if you get it delivered to work then you'll be able to keep the secret right up to the last minute!"

For the romantics among us the surprise can sometimes be the best part of giving someone a gift, online shopping offers an easier route than hiding carrier bags around the house, and it also means you can avoid the busy joustling of the high street.

Direct Line is urging people who receive expensive gifts such as jewellery to protect the gifts they receive, especially ones with sentimental meaning as well as an expensive price tad to cover themselves against theft, loss and damage with a sufficient level of home contents insurance.

Valentine’s Day is the most likely day of the year that the gift of jewellery is given, it is a day for people to show their love and affection for their partner. However this also means that thieves are given ample opportunity to take advantage of the increased value of jewellery in people’s homes. With £2.58 billion being spent on engagement rings alone across the country at this romantic time of year, the benefit for thieves is easily apparent.

Andrew Lowe, head of Direct Line home insurance said: "Insurance is probably the last thing on most people's mind when they are showering their loved ones with gifts on Valentine's Day. Having the right cover in place could prevent heartache if the unthinkable happens and that precious item is lost or stolen."

As well as the richer among us who are splashing the cash on loved ones this Valentine’s Day there are 8% of Brits who say they cannot afford to celebrate this special day this year. In response to this revelation, is offering some cheap alternative to expensive jewellery and pricey engagement rings.

They are offering such propositions as a weekend break in Hull, where the waterways are able to rival the romance of Venice and you will save £81 per night from the prices you would have to afford in Italy.

uSwitch also recommends switching utility providers such as gas, electricity, home phone tariffs, mobile phones and broadband providers to cheaper alternatives so you can afford to save up to £1,500 per year to spend on romantic get aways and expensive tokens of affection.

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