There are many reasons why you should fear identity theft and credit fraud. Hundreds of people contact their local Citizen's Advice Bureau each month for advice on repairing their credit file due to identity theft or credit fraud causing problems in obtaining credit.

It is very important to be protected against these practices if you want to keep your credit sound and your credit score high. A simple credit fraud can destroy the efforts of years on building a clean and stainless credit history. Following are some tips that it is smart to follow if you want to remain on the upper side of the credit rank.

Protect Your National Insurance Number

Your national insurance number is probably the most important identification you have. When forged or used illegally it can cause a lot of harm to the owner. Thus, it is important to be cautious and avoid providing your social security number when there is no good reason for doing it. As a general rule, you should refrain from providing your social security number to companies that you did not contact you first and, for additional protection, you should run a background check on any company requesting your national insurance number.

Dispose of Documentation Properly

Any documentation used during applications such as credit reports pulled or filled loan applications need to be archived properly or destroyed if they are not going to be used anymore. This is a significant issue as unscrupulous people make use of this kind of documentation to obtain important personal information for engaging in identity theft. Mail is another source of information that could be used for this purpose and you should also destroy all mails that you do not need to keep. It is important to destroy the documentation or paperwork, shredding is the ideal procedure but in any case, you should dispose of it in such a way that the information cannot be retrieved anymore.

Take Note of All Your Personal And Financial Information and Keep It Safe

Chances are that you have plenty of accounts, store cards, credit cards, and such. If you do, you should take note of all account numbers, credit card numbers, store card IDs, CDs, stocks, bonds, and any other personal and financial information and keep this information printed in a safe place where you can retrieve it easily in case you need to contact the issuers for cancelling the accounts. In case of theft, it is important to cancel credit cards and account or debit cards immediately and have new ones issued to avoid further damages to your credit or finances.

Monitoring Credit And Purchases

Another thing you must do every month is to control your account, credit card and store card statements so you can notice immediately when an unidentified or unauthorised purchase was made. Moreover, it is a good idea to hire credit monitoring services to find out if any unauthorised use of your credit was made before it can cause troubles and leave a stain on your credit file.

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