I like both the Prosperity Freedom Builder(PFB) and the Reverse Funnel System (RFS). Truth of the matter is, the RFS is a "Funded Proposal" It funds the marketing campaign. All though, and this is important, you still have to drive traffic to the RFS site. You have to get people to visit the site. Once people visit the site it works wonders, people go through the RFS qualifying question system, and if there serious about the opportunity, they pay 50 Dollars to find out more. If a person is not serious about the opportunity, they don't pay 50, and their eliminated so you won't have to call them. You have to take one thing into account though. Once you sign up, you have to buy advertising for people to visit RFS. You will spend tons of dollars, and hours learning how to advertise your site. You have to buy google adwords, you need to know which words to buy, where to post your ads, anaylze opportunity costs on your advertising. Thats why everyone needs the PFB. PFB does all the advertising for you. PFB has all the keywords, and gets em for cheap. The great thing about PFB is all the leads are unique to you. No one else gets the leads you get. PFB handles the advertising for you, and gets you leads. On top of it all, PFB pays you to use their system and gets you leads. Then the leads visit RFS. In conclusion, you need PFB to feed leads to the RFS. Other wise you will be be spending a lot of time and money trying to get people to visit RFS.

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Chief Operations Officer for Prosperity Freedom Builder
Network Marketing Leader
Real Estate Investor