Jim Katsoulis has spent the last 6 years helping people create powerful changes in their lives. Hypno-Freedom.com is very excited to have this opportunity to converse with Jim in our continuing teleseminar series, "Stress Relief Tips and Techniques from the Masters" this Wednesday, December 5 at 6 pm (PST).

Jim has been certified as a Master Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest and oldest organization of its kind. He received his Master NLP Practitioner Certification from Bennett/Stellar University, and his Yoga Instructor certification from Sivananda ashram in Val Morin, Canada, and is a practicing Level II Reiki practitioner.

When you begin to understand the structure of change, you begin to really feel hope again. When you realize that you can program your mind as easily as you can program a computer you will notice that your mind begins to get excited at the possibilities of what you would change. And that excitement is the beginning of true change. You see, true change begins with excitement, not struggle.

Jim has used these understandings in his own life to completely change the direction of his career, health, and relationships. Ten years ago he was in business school grinding away at a finance degree he didn’t even want, he was close to 200 pounds, and he didn’t want to talk to anyone. It was at that time that he was exposed to Hypnosis, Yoga, and NLP. For the first time in his life he began to realize that he was in control of his life and what he was experiencing. This realization was exciting because he then understood that if he was creating a life he didn’t like then the opposite must also be true: He would be able to create a life that he would like! It was from that point that he began using these tools to literally and successfully create a new life for himself.

One of Jim's great joys in life is helping people recapture their sense of excitement, passion, and gratitude. From his personal experience after using these methods on himself and others Jim knows the power they can bring to help even when everything else has failed.

Please join us on Wednesday, December 5 at 6 pm (PST) for our very revealing interview with Jim Katsoulis and discover more of his special offerings that can help you create a life you'll love! Go to http://www.hypno-freedom.com/uploaded/stressreliefmasters.html.

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Shawn Duyette is a martial artist of ten years. He has been trained in several energy healing modalites including reiki, quantum touch, and Native American energy healing. Shawn is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and massage therapist. He has been trained in herbology and Chinese medicine (acupuncture, shiatsu, tui-na bodywork) and is currently on sabbatical from medical school.

Shawn is a life long meditator who began meditating at a very young age sitting for hours in the woods of his suburban childhood home in the northeastern United States.

Shawn enjoys writing poetry and has been published as a poet with some of his works found at Poetry.com. Currently he is blogging for hypno-freedom.com and he is working on his first book which is aimed at sharing metaphysical principles with children.