During the 20 years in which I worked with various people helping them to overcome numerous health problems, one question I was frequently asked by my patients and clients was “once I have regained better health, what can I do to keep it?” Reaching a healthful state is only half the journey. Knowing how to live consciously will enable you to enjoy long-lasting health and balance. This article will give you some idea of what it means to practice conscious living.

Primarily, try to refrain from getting agitated over situations or people. Fretting about others is an indication of resistance. The more you resist what others do or say, the unhappier you will be, thereby disrupting your inner peace.

Instead, learn to accept what you cannot change and direct your inner strength to things that invigorate and motivate you to become a better person. Very soon, you will notice how people and situations around you begin to change.

I have also found applying the following set of principles to be very helpful in maintaining a healthy, happy, and harmonious life.

1. When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to be conscious of how precious the gift of life is. Give thanks for a new day and for being alive, and before closing your eyes at night, once again give thanks for having been granted the day to experience, to learn, and to grow. Nothing is more precious than the gift of life, so be grateful for each single day you have.

2. Give your body daily that which it requires to regenerate itself and to stay healthy and strong.
• Eat holistic foods with less animal protein.
• Drink up to six glasses of clear, still, fresh water daily to cleanse your body.
• Consciously breathe in often through the nose while raising the abdomen, and breathe out through the mouth by gently lowering the abdomen.
• Eat slowly, and chew your food particles very well before swallowing to aid digestion.
• Take a good multimineral product, vitamin C, essential amino acids, and enzymes daily to supplement your food intake. There are a lot of free radicals in the atmosphere, which are partly responsible for many chronic diseases.
• Eat daily some sort of raw diet (“life”) food, such as fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, or fresh salads, to enhance your metabolism.

3. Break through your limitations and concentrate your energy on what you know you can do best.

4. Be consequent and disciplined in whatever you do, and give your full, undivided attention to the matter at present.

5. Find the time to go into seclusion at least once a day for about 10–15 minutes. During this time, sit still, relax, and turn your attention inward. Be quiet, and observe what is happening inside of you. This way you will gradually enhance your intuitive perception and attain inner clarity, thus strengthening your soul.

While you sit still, imagine the eternal life force passing through your whole being, like a wave of the gentle breeze of energy right to the very core of your soul. As you open yourself fully to this energy, allow deep gratitude to arise from within you for all the blessings and love you constantly receive.

6. Learn to put a leash on rampant and chaotic thoughts, and try to cultivate more harmonious, loving, and positive thoughts, for the thought forms you give life to can either enhance your life and your whole being or encumber your entire existence.

7. Let joy and gratitude fill your heart daily and radiate this to the people you meet. Show consideration not only to fellow humans, but also to other living beings. Have patience with those who might not be as fortunate as you.

8. Learn to show genuine concern, kindness, and understanding to others. Encourage others where it is necessary, and try to see the good side of people by bringing out the best in them. Be respectful to others, and be helpful where it is required, but do not act imposingly and in a pushy manner.

9. Avoid loud outbursts and anger because these are detrimental to your health. They also create tension in your energy field. Endeavor to remain focused and peaceful, even in the heat of a discussion, and do not let anger take control.

10. Let enthusiasm and appreciation rule your heart. Smile often, and no matter what might go wrong, remember that you are lucky to be alive and that each passing day presents you with new opportunities to make amendments; treasure this awareness.

11. Most of what we run after depletes our energy reserves. Take the time to rid yourself of excessive baggage, and make more time for your loved ones and for the things that give meaning to your life.

12. Every now and again, turn your gaze inward. Should you still find therein any disturbing feelings, like ghosts from the past, let go of them by picturing yourself standing under a full, cascading waterfall. While the waterfall washes over you, imagine its sparkling, pure, and clear waters cleansing you, washing you anew and removing all the turmoil from your soul until all old wounds have been salvaged and you feel new, pulsating strength arising from within.

13. Forgive yourself and others for whatever might have been, for the present is all you have. Leave the past where it belongs. It is gone, and you cannot wish it back.

14. Try to keep a sense of balance in all you do: work and play, eating and drinking. A life of equilibrium and discipline helps you remain in harmony with the natural law of balance, which keeps everything in regulation.

15. Do not waste your energy on chatty talks and excessive sports. Instead, try to channel your energy into creative thinking and resourceful ideas.

16. Have a creative mind and not a competitive mind, for a creative mind taps into the ever-flowing life force from a higher source, and a competitive mind uses borrowed energy, which is congested and short-lived.

17. Listen within. Use your intuition, your inner tutor, and your voice of wisdom. Avoid anger, frustration, or fear. These short circuit your energy and thus diminish the power of your intuition

The essence of life is to be conscious of the laws in creation, which encompass everything in our lives and beyond, and to live conscientiously within these laws bodily, mindfully, and spiritually, for that which we call life is just an insignificant remnant of the ever-emanating, pulsating, and replenishing power surging forth from the highest source beyond our comprehension.

I wish you the inner strength to be able to turn your gaze inward and upward daily for the task that needs to be undertaken and accomplished, that is, for you to live each day and each moment in the full consciousness of your being for the full maturity of your inner self! Conscious living is exuberant joy, and radiating that joy is your natural ability to demonstrate the state of your inner self. Even after you have attained intact health, it is essential to continue to nurture your inner self and keep on a path of conscious living.

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Olakunbi (Kunbi) Korostensky, ND/MA, a psychotherapist, is a Life Changer Coach™ specializing in helping people struggling with new changes in their lives. She is also a spiritual teacher for women who want to attain feminine excellence in their lives and businesses through their intrinsic spiritual power. She is the founder of the Awaken Women International, a community providing women worldwide with spiritual tools to expand their scopes and attain feminine excellence. As president of Stiftung Attitudinal Healing, a nonprofit organization founded by her in Switzerland, she is dedicated to embracing love instead of fear. Visit http://www.embracingchanges.com and http://www.awakenwomen.com.