You “hear” objections on a daily basis. The problem is the objections you “hear” are rarely the real objections that are preventing prospects from buying your solution. When you understand the five hidden objections you can proactively remove them.

The 5 hidden objections are based on human frailties:

  • Resistance to change
  • Lack of focus
  • Selective listening
  • Assumptions
  • Negative attitudes

No matter what the prospect tells you one of these is an underlying factor inhibiting you from moving forward. People don’t like to change unless there’s a powerfully motivating reason to do so, and fear of change or the need to be right even if being right is causing you harm keeps many prospects from being able to accept your solution.

Keep it simple sweetie when it comes to presenting your solution. If your solution can’t be succinctly and simply presented you’re losing sales because the client is getting lost in your story, and their attention is wandering. They’re confused and a confused prospect can’t make a “yes” decision.

You’re just as guilty of selective listening and assumptions as your prospects. Selective listening is hearing what you want to hear, and then making assumptions about what you thought you heard to your advantage. If you keep your solution simple enough that the prospect can explain it back to you you’ll avoid the frustration of misunderstandings that damage your relationship.
Most people have a negative attitude even when they proclaim they don’t. That means that the whole time you’re talking about your solutions the prospect is thinking, “I can’t …this won’t work…this is too good…etc”. Accept that people are people and they will suffer from one or all 5 of these human frailties, and plan how you’ll address and overcome them as they silently creep into your sale conversation.

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