I had to make a living, but my personal life was falling apart.

I couldn’t concentrate on what kind of work I might like, I just knew I had to get a job fast. I was willing to take the first job that came along, just so the electric company wouldn’t shut off my household lights.

Because I didn’t have good relationship skills, my marriage was always in trouble.

Because of home life chaos, I couldn’t concentrate on finding a career I was well suited for. As a result, I drifted from job to job in my early years, mostly working for minimum wages and finding myself further in debt. I took work as a waitress, receptionist, Tupperware sales lady and grocery store bagger. But my marriage was falling apart and I was unhappy at work.

Sound familiar? Too familiar?

According to the financial services company, Done With Debt, the national consumer debt reached an all-time high of more than one trillion dollars in 2004. It would appear that many of us are struggling with jobs, money and chaos.

But let me help you with that right now, because if you’re like me, you’d do better, if only you had practical solutions to a better life. A crazy-making career and home life is a symptom of a much deeper problem. The problem? You don’t have a workable life plan.

You can find the perfect career for yourself and you can start right here:
• Your first priority is to fix the broken family. Our nation will be brought to its knees from the inside, by the demise of family values. Get help and immediately start rebuilding your family.
• Keep your job, but make a new plan.
• Ask your tax person to help you set up a business or budget plan.
• Talk with a career guidance counselor about finding a better match between your personality and your career choice. You don’t want to earn a living by working 40 hours a week at a distasteful job.
• Find spiritual resources that you can start the day with. A positive attitude will produce miracles.

It takes some deep soul searching and spiritual help to get your family and finances back on track and to find the career of your dreams. But you must start somewhere and now you have a 5-step plan to begin your journey today.

Starting now, you don’t ever have to be a professional job changer. You can dig deep and find the work you are best suited for and find the perfect career for you.

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Author's Bio: 

Certified Behavioral Therapist and Spiritual Career Counselor, Kathi Calahan is "The Idea Queen" and "Go-To Person" for solutions to your everyday problems. Using the principles of spirituality, she will help you find the work best suited to your personality and Soul's desire.

Her background includes teaching at two different California community colleges, a business representative at the Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce and for many years developed her spiritual side by working as a Professional Psychic.

Helping you discover your life's work is done through her company, Finding God, Practical & Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Problems. www.godseer.com