One of the best ways to get into a private investigation course is to book through a school system which offers training through services such as GES.

GES is basically the service which provides the content for the courses however, it's the college or universities which administer them.

It's an interesting concept and from the perspective of gaining credibility on a diploma, probably has more appeal to intending students than just buying a private investigation course online without knowing a lot about the course operators.

Some will argue that many of the courses offered online are by experienced private investigators and being trained by those with many years in the field is more beneficial than being taught by those with little experience.

How Much Does A Private Investigation Course Cost?

This is a tough question to answer because prices vary greatly from those offered in the school system and those available through online companies.

Some courses online can set you back upwards of $1000 but are extensive while others cost just a fraction and are delivered in a simple eBook form.

There is no set price for a private investigation course through a school simply because each college will set it's own pricing. The only way to register is by registering through the school and this is when you need to ask about the question of price.

It's also a good idea to ask whether there is either financial aid available through federal funding and if not, then inquire about the possibility of obtaining a student loan.

Attending A Private Investigation Course

The attendance factor is negligible in this case simply because the course material is delivered online. It's convenient for many people who are not in close proximity to a college or university.

The length of the courses is usually three months however, there is an option to extend this over a longer period of time particularly if you are currently working full time and the time to study is at a premium.

For completing a private investigation course through a college or university you will receive a diploma or certificate only if you achieve the official pass mark.

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