Swine Flu is an respiratory disease that has several different variations. It mainly occurs during late fall and the winter months. This is very similar to the outbreaks that occur in humans. This is a disease of pigs which is caused by the type A influenza strain. This virus was first detected in 1930.

The Swine Flu changes constantly by combining with various other viruses which creates new strains. These new strains, mainly the H1N1, can infect humans. Most human cases of the Swine Flu occur because of direct contact with infected pigs. Once a human has contracted the Swine Flu direct exposure to this person can rapidly spread this virus. This virus rarely occurs in humans but once contracted the rapidity of the virus spreading after contact with the infected person is quite alarming.

There are many symptoms of the Swine Flu that could be very easily confused as being a part of another illness. The symptoms of Swine Flu and regular influenza overlap for the most part. It can be quite confusing to recognize which type of influenza that you have come down with.

That is why extreme caution is being urged including going to the doctor at the first signs of flu like symptoms.

The symptoms of Swine Flu are as listed below:

*Bodily Aches
*Decreased Energy
*Joint Pain
*Nasal Congestion
*Sore Throat

Some people who have contracted the Swine Flu also report having experienced diarrhea and vomiting in addition to the other symptoms. If you are experiencing any or many of these symptoms please see your doctor soon for your well being and to help prevent further spreading of this virus.

As society becomes more and more sophisticated throughout the years we tend to forget the wisdom of the ages and to use the 'tried and true' in our own lives. This includes the amazing power that aromatherapy can play in our lives in many different aspects. One of the ways aromatherapy can and should still be used in our daily lives is to kill harmful airborne micro-organisms and thus help prevent major illnesses in our homes.

Numerous educational and scientific studies have been conducted which confirm and support the preventative powers of aromatherapy. For example, a blend of essential oils which included clove, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon bark, and eucalyptus radiata was found to have a 99.3 percent kill rate of harmful micro-organisms after just twenty minutes of diffusing these oils. This particular study was conducted at Weber State University located in Ogden Utah.

In another similar study, researchers at Georgetown University have found that oil of Oregano can greatly reduce infection as much as traditional antibiotics would! This research information can be found at http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig/Sardi6.html.

More and more with each illness such as this Swine Flu making the news and affecting our lives the wisdom of utilizing aromatherapy is once again being recognized and appreciated even more than before.

These essential oils and other aromatherapy products can be found in many stores, online, and even in your own back yard if you ever decided to grow your own herbs and learn how to make your own oils for use in preventative aromatherapy. It has been scientifically proven that various strains of influenza including the strain that causes Swine Flu can be prevented by utilizing aromatherapy. Start preventing by utilizing in your home today. Doing so might just make you one less Swine Flu statistic.

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Liani Widjaja is the owner of aromatherapy-at-home.com, a website about aromatherapy and essential oils information. Find out more about these essential oils and how to use it to prevent you and your family from swine flu.