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Sometimes the differences in other people - their lifestyles, their beliefs, their racial characteristics - become punching bags for our personal frustrations. Lashing out in this way makes us feel superior, especially when we're in the company of people who share our prejudices and - sometimes - hatred. But a society deserves to be called "democratic" only if it enables its people to have contrary opinions without fear of retribution. I am writing this from Canada, a country I reside in and love precisely because it promotes and protects this principle of respect for everyone.

No democracy can long survive which does not accept as fundamental to its very existence the recognition of the right of minorities.
- Franklin D. Rosevelt

It is more difficult to crash an atom, than a prejudice.
- Albert Einstein

Bruno's commentary

Whenever we have feelings against a minority, we should be aware of the fact that each one of us, in one way or another, is part of a minority. Whether because we're left-handed, bald or hairy, have a different skin color, are this religion, that religion, or are agnostic - in some way we are the exception when compared with the majority of the population. Why then go after any minority at all? We're all human. We didn't choose to be different. Everyone is entitled to tolerance, compassion, and respect.

Which minority are you part of? And how does it make you feel?

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