Major trends in the fleet management segment are bringing drastic changes that will decide the future of fleet transport system. In next three immense changes in course is predicted by the experts. Read more.....

Steep Rise in the Fuel Costs
Presently world over prices of the fuel are seeing steady rise due to the high costs of the crude oil and petrochemicals. Fleet management experts have suggested many measures for curtailing the conveying charges and time saving. Some of the steps include reusing the equipments and upfitted bodies.

Fleet transport system these days is becoming Telematics-oriented. In the field management system Telematics is playing a tremendously vital role in booting the working efficiency. Besides being a niche industry Telematics is fast emerging as a powerful fleet monitoring system.

Personnel Management
One of the challenges which the fleet management is facing today is the non-availability of young drivers as most of the drivers are middle aged. The age factor is adversely affecting the timely delivery of services and work performance. Now young persons are being given preference over the aged ones and this is good for unemployed young people interested to go into this field.

Lack of Qualified Technicians
Qualified technicians are nor readily available and this shortage of the qualified staff is limiting factor for the performance of the fleet management companies. The customer care service is badly hampered in this way causing one company to lose the clients to another one.

Future Emission Standards
As per the predictions of the experts new stricter emission standards are going to come into force by the year 2010. Consequently the price of diesel engine swill be greatly increased and the availability thereof will be greatly reduced. Furthermore large number of diesel engine swill be stocked by the many people before the price rise. The availability of diesel engines should be kept well in mind by those willing to venture into this sector.

Enhancing the Engine Life Cycle
Due to hike in fuel costs and ever increasing operating costs, fleet management companies are finding profitable ways like boosting life span of the engine as well as vehicle. Specifications are looked upon as very important thing to stick to while buying vehicles and logistics. High life span of the machinery ensures lessening of the depreciation costs with passage of time.

Direct Marketing System
Companies engaged in the fleet management segment are these days getting vehicles directly from the factories, by-passing the distributors. Due to stiff competition manufacturers are trying their best to make available the most customer friendly service. With the less number of middlemen agencies remaining in the market the overall picture of the market will be – a condensed market.

Acquisition Modes of Companies
In the present market scenario marked with stiff competition and expansions and mergers new acquisition trends are being spotted. Many companies are going for new diverse modes of acquisitions, like bailing outs for meeting their business needs. In addition big manufacturer companies are taking over small manufacturers and distributors. Thus the alteration in the market structure will occur and subsequent price and demand-supply position.

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