Select a repeated phrase that appeals to you. The repeated phrase has appeared in every major religious tradition, West and East, because it fills a deep, universal need in the human heart.

For Christians, the name of Jesus itself is a powerful repeated phrase; Catholics also use Hail Mary or Ave Maria. Jews may use Barukh attah Adonai; Muslims repeat the name of Allah or Allahu akbar. Probably the oldest Buddhist repeated phrase is Om mani padme hum. And in Hinduism, among many choices, is Rama, Rama, which was Mahatma Gandhi's repeated phrase.

Choose whichever version of the Holy Name appeals to you; then, once you have chosen a repeated phrase, do not change it. If you do, you will be like a person digging shallow holes in many places; you will never go deep enough to find water.

Unlike focused attention, which involves sitting quietly and silently repeating a memorized passage, the repeated phrase can be repeated under almost any circumstances, and it is so brief that it will come to your mind under even the most agitating circumstances. (In fact, that is often just when you will want it!)

The repeated phrase is most effective when repeated silently in the mind. Repeat the repeated phrase whenever you get the chance: while walking, while waiting, while doing mechanical chores like washing dishes, and especially when you are falling asleep. Whenever you are angry or afraid, nervous or hurried or resentful, repeat the Holy Name until the agitation in your mind subsides.

It is best to use a formula that has been sanctioned by centuries of devout tradition. If you repeat it sincerely and systematically, it will go deeper with every repetition. It can be with you even in the uttermost depths of your consciousness, as you will discover for yourself when you find it reverberating in a dream or, deeper still, during dreamless sleep.

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Adaptation of an article by Eknath Easwaran

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