I recently had a subscriber to my daily ezine service who asked a very interesting question. In fact, it was a question that I had never been asked and never felt the need to talk about. He asked me, 'Michael, what is it that makes some affirmations so much more powerful and effective than others'? More specifically, he asked, 'What makes Powerfirmations so amazingly powerful in transforming my thinking for success?'

Well, first of all, if you aren't one of the over 100,000 subscribers to that same ezine service, you've likely never heard of Powerfirmations. Let me share with you what they are, how they came into existence and why they are highly effective.

I believe that most people in the network marketing or direct marketing fields understand and harness the tool of using affirmations.

From my first encounter with affirmations, I knew the power and understood the power of affirmations.

Affirmations are used both consciously and subconsciously in our daily living. We are in constant communication with ourselves. In fact, inner communication is the means of thinking and processing thought. We are in constant dialog and monolog with ourselves.

Several years ago, I embarked on my study and pursuit of creating affirmations that would affect change quickly. Some have accurately described the 're-programming' of the subconscious mind in parallel with the turning of a huge ship. It isn't done quickly. The ship's captain, even after making the decision to turn his vessel around, must allow for a fairly lengthy process in turning a ship. It takes time and a lot of water to turn a ship around.

So, my quest was to discover the most powerful elements used in making positive change occur in the subconscious mind. How can I affect the beliefs, values and thought processes in people's lives so that they can live the life that they've always dreamed of and imagined for themselves?

I read over 100 books on the subject. I put their teachings into practice. I saw major change take place in me. I saw, sometimes, miraculous transformation take place in my finances, personal happiness, health and relationships.

In all of my studies, I found powerful elements that can be used in making affirmations that create powerful, positive and accelerated change in anyone's life. Let me share my findings.

Elements Of Powerful Affirmations

I'm going to take you back for a quick visit to your high school English class. Most notably, the three personal perspectives of the singular voice.

We communicate with ourselves in all three first person voices. I call this the 'Personal Perspective'. It is just something that I realized one day when I was 'thinking about how we think of ourselves'.

The first person singular is the most powerful. It is the 'I am', most notably used several times in the Bible.

The second person perspective is usually dealing with commands that we give ourselves.
Example, you might say to yourself, "Mike, get up and take out the trash, finish that project, make a call or whatever". So we definitely communicate with ourselves in this voice.

The third person, singular, has a lot to do with our self-concept or self-image. Our self image is not based so much upon what WE think of ourselves. It is based on how we believe others see us. So this is what makes this perspective very powerful, especially in building our self-esteem and our self-confidence.

This element gives your subconscious a comprehensive exposure to the new beliefs that you are wanting to establish.

Another element in how I write affirmations and make Powerfirmations very effective is, I use the three different senses that are taught in NLP. I call this the 'Modal Perspective'. Seeing, hearing and feeling. This makes for a 'whole brain' experience. It is very helpful in the immersion process. The 'hearing' part is automatic when doing affirmations since they are auditorial by nature. I also balance with in the senses o f seeing and feeling.

John Grinder and Richard Bandler, the founders of NLP, taught that everyone has a preferred sense in how they perceive everything. Some people naturally prefer the visual sensory mode. These people are highly visual people. Others prefer the auditorial or kinesthetic perspectives.

Powerfirmations includes all three in creating affirmations. It makes for a 'whole brain' experience.

Another element is keeping the language completely positive. I call this the 'Positive Perspective' or the 'All-Pos Perspective'. In other words, if you say that you are going quit over eating, you have to imagine yourself over eating in order to 'not' see yourself over eating. That really doesn't work. I call it the 'don't see the pink elephant' syndrome. You have to 'see' the pink elephant in order to 'not' see the pink elephant. The part of mind that visualizes is far superior to the part that attempts to process the negative or the word 'not'.

Another important element that I discovered is the use of alpha brain wave inducing music. I call this the 'marination processs'. I accomplish this on my CDs by using binaural music. Binaural music is like an enhanced version of the 'Mozart for the mind' effect. The 'Mozart effect, is generally 60 beats per minute Baroque music. It is closer to the normal heart rhythm than any other kind of music. Binaural music has proved to induce alpha brain waves which is conducive to putting the listener in a meditative state.

Binaural music has been described as 'a soothing, light massage for the brain'. It makes the brain receptive to whatever input comes from the affirmations.

Though there are many other aspects of creating affirmations which are all beneficial, my study and research has shown that these four elements, used together, allow for affirmations to both 'immerse' and 'marinate' the subconscious mind in order to affect positive change in anyone's life.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Murphy is the author of 4 books, 'Powerful Attitudes', 'Powerfirmations', 'Faithfirmations' and 'How To Pray Prayers God Always Answers'. Michael has been acclaimed as an author and dynamic, transformative speaker by best selling authors, Nobel prize candidates, success experts and direct selling superstars.

Michael's books, 'Powerfirmations' and 'Faithfirmations' stand alone in being COMPLETELY PERSONALIZED SELF EMPOWERMENT BOOKS. These books are published one at a time and include the reader's first and last names throughout the text of amazing and very powerful affirmations.

Michael is also the creator of Quadraffective Success Technology. This technology utilizes the 'best of the best' elements in brain, mind and life transformation.

One industry executive describes Michael as a 'turnaround specialist'. That accurate label has now followed him in being a catalyst for positive transformation at the individual and corporate level.