The secret place of imagination is the incubator of invention and ingenuity. The power of visualization is your frame of reference in re-creating your purpose in the secret place of imagination. This is your internal lifeline. Everyone lives by their internal imagination and visualized frame of references. The two together (I.V.) has both the Power to create and the Power to destroy. The secret to creative success and development in your life is the ability to harness your imagination & visualization. From there through different focus techniques, you can incorporate the previous steps into synchronization. So, if you found your desired career for the next phase of your life, then hold that desire or picture on your internal Mind movie screen. For sooner or later, you will become what you behold and manifest the very focus of your attention. When you hold this imagery in your internal secret place, see it, feel it, smell it…become one with it, know the very thing you envision to be true. The very thing you know to be true will be materialized. Your thoughts truly become things in this world. So, within your created internal living experience, transfuse by immersion the inner power of Imagination & Visualization and watch with great expectation the very manifestation of your desired intent. After all, a man is what he thinks or in other words a man is what he imagines.

Now we come to the premier techniques for harnessing your innate power to create the life you deserve and move you towards naturally manifesting your fullest potential. The combination of what I call NEW THOUGHT FORM and Creative Visualization are powerful vehicles in altering the course of one’s life. Perhaps you are looking for greater confidence in who you are, maybe you desire to reinvent your career, find that significant other, or expand your athletic or modeling career. Whatever your focus is, these two techniques functioning together can begin the process of Renewing your Mind and reshaping attitudes and actions.

It all starts with your imagination. Imagination is the ability to create a vision, idea, thought, picture, and product of your own ingenuity. It has been said that we have over 60,000 thoughts a day, but the only thoughts that are focused and captured are the ones we habitually repeat. So, in other words, you think and imagine on the same old thoughts everyday. How boring is that! YOU CAN CHANGE that by implementing NEW THOUGHT FORMS into the field of your Mind on a regular basis. For example, maybe one of your primary old thought forms is: Why is my career at a dead end? Why do I have a dead end job? If you really take time to hear what you are thinking, you will recognize what you are thinking is disempowering you from creating a greater solution.

Here is a strategy for you: in the secret place of imagination, create a NEW THOUGHT FORM! Now, begin to ask yourself this over and over: Why do I attract the perfect ideal job for me? Why am I so successful in my career? How is it that I can reinvent my career with powerful solutions? Make sure you focus continually on your new Thought Forms. I say forms, because this process will replace old Mind Paradigms that you currently function from. Focus on the new Thought Form; nourish the thought seed that you are sowing in the field of your Mind. Putting this into practice will cause the old thought forms to dissipate and no longer be associated with your Mind make-up.

In creative visualization, use the power of your imagination to create what I call Mind-Map picture of the end result product you desire to manifest. Your intended end product picture can be on any level; Body, Soul, or Mind/Spirit. No matter what your determined focus is, the technique is the same:

1. You imagine your created image and picture the Desired outcome in your Mind!
2. Simultaneously repeat your created NEW THOUGHT FORM question about your desired end product. Make sure the New Thought Form is in the present tense.
3. Hold the Mind-Map picture, envision yourself manifesting your desired outcome, verbalizing your created New Thought Form; see it, taste it, feel it, smell it, hear it!
4. Then, know what you created internally to be true and already accomplish in greater measure than first sown in the field of your Mind.
5. Finally – BE GRATEFUL!

Check this out! Australian psychologist Allen Richardson conducted an experiment with basketball players making jump shots. He divided them into three groups.

Group A – was to practice their jump shots on the court for 20 minutes
Group B – was asked not to practice at all
Group C – was asked to mentally visualize and rehearse over and over shooting and making jump shots through a basketball hoop for 20 minutes a day.

At the end of the study, Group A improved their shooting ability by 25%. Group B, as expected showed no improvement at all. To everyone’s surprise, Group C improved by 24%, almost as much as Group A, even though they had not physically set foot on the court.

This is a powerful example of how imagination and visualization used together can have an awesome effect on one’s reality. So, these two techniques do not just provide you great focus on your end desired product or outcome, but they can directly influence your reality.

This is absolutely a fun process. With these techniques you also begin to take back the power or inner ability to create, cultivate, and manage your internal living experience. Enjoy this process. Do not be concerned if the “techniques” are working perfectly. Just stay focused on your desired end product and Wisdom will assist you through the means towards the manifestation of your intent.

Author's Bio: 

Caleb CM Scorsone, a pacesetter inspiring individuals in discovering and fulfilling their Purpose, is a certified life coach, strategist, and inspirational speaker. Over the past 15 years, he has been an entrepreneur, seminar facilitator, business consultant, and personal life coach. He is considered a pioneer of the next generation of Life Coaches, Transformational Leadership, and Entrepreneurial Development. He personally designed The CUE™, The Apex Coaching Program, The Revolution Coaching Program, The Mastery Lifestyle Program and the Q5 Convergence. He is the founder of The Kaizen Group, Inc., integrating his diverse experience to create unique coaching programs, seminars, and business training programs that help people discover their distinctive purpose in their personal, careers, business, social, and family lives.

As a Certified Life/Business Coach, Caleb’s passion is awakening one’s innate Identity, breaking limiting barriers of mediocrity, and unlocking the dormant creative life. As a visionary, Caleb has earned the reputation for providing proficient, creative, and transformational leadership. His main objective is to transition individuals, families, businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs out of their present state of un-fulfillment to be passionate, purposeful, and powerful in living the life they deserve.

Caleb’s expertise in personal, family, leadership, and business fields enables individualized effectiveness with clients in a variety of areas critical to the revolutionizing and optimization of Purpose. In 2006, Caleb was awarded Business Man of the Year by NRCC. He is a Certified Master Life Strategist in the field of Personal Life & Business Development from Kairos Life Institute.