I don’t know about you, but for me, the technological age in which we’re living seems to have increased the speed of life. If we are properly programmed, there is not a minute of our life that we are out of communication. As a result, the world has put us on notice to be available On Demand.

The ridiculous thing is we respond as if it were true. Pagers, email, text messaging, Instant Messaging, cell phones, call waiting and call forwarding may have been intended for convenience, but we let them create a very false set of urgency in our lives. At one time, when the fax was a new invention, if you received a fax you acted upon it immediately. It didn’t really matter if the content was urgent, the delivery system made us think the message must be very important, IT WAS FAXED.

We can trace each new technological invention and see the false sense of urgency that each conveys in it’s own way. Don’t you just love the feature on your cell phone that lets your caller page you? As if you don’t have a busy enough life, thank you very much. Your callers, invited or not, can now demand your attention at whim.

The electronic static in our lives has short-circuited our true power. True power only comes from being silent. Connecting to God and the source of the Universe only happens by still waters. When was the last time you had quiet?

There are two words in language that summon power beyond our human comprehension: I am, Ik ben, Je suis, Ich bin, Είμαι, Sono, Eu sou, Soy. When we speak I Am we open a vortex, both on the earth and in the heavens. “I Am” places us at the helm of responsibility for our lives. I Am shuts the backdoors we usually leave, “just in case”, which always lead to failure. I Am creates our world, good or bad.

In a worldly way, I Am, creates our experience of life. Try some of these phrases on:

I Am Tired

I Am Angry

I Am Sick

I Am Poor

I Am Struggling

They don’t feel very good, do they? Well that is your clue that you are creating the very thing that you don’t want

Now, try these on:

I Am Committed

I Am Honored

I Am Beautiful

I Am Sexy

I Am Funny

I Am Smart

Isn’t it wonderful how you can just feel your power surging!

In a more esoteric way, I Am, speaks to our power to create and manifest from our words on the invisible plain. Jesus understood the power of I Am as he spoke:

“I Am the way, the truth and the life.” John. 14:6

Is there any doubt? Of course not, it is a declaration not open for debate for millions of Christians around the world. In other cultures and religions, the aah sound is the name of God.

In the Sanskrit language, Diva means “the light of the Divine”. If we carry within us the light of the Divine, and are the children of God, there is nothing for us to do to get good enough to create and live a life we love. We are “Good Enough” just the way we are. Accepting it makes all the difference.

Starting from this place, build on your power and set the wheels of the universe in motion for your good and the good of all. When you speak, I Am, you are making a statement of fact, defined as knowledge or information based on real occurrences: You are in the NOW, not the future. Most of all you are speaking the truths that live in our hearts and spirit. All there is to do is let your conscious minds hear it. That is why affirmations of I Am are the most powerful.

To support your journey into the I Am world, I have created a worksheet of 10 I Am statements for you. Just follow the link to www.distinctivelydiva.com/iam.html You’ll be able to print the list and decorate your life with the only power and urgency that counts--YOURS!

Author's Bio: 

Maureen O'Crean is the publisher of DistinctivelyDiva.com, an international community of women for women. Maureen is the co-author of I Am Diva, Every Woman's Guide to Outrageous Living and is committed to all women living a life that they love. Please visit us at www.distinctivelydiva.com