Before I being telling you a very small portion of my recent incidents, allow me to share my belief. I am not a religious person, although I attend churches, temple and used to go to mosques (years ago). However, I believe in God. Everyday, my trust in Him increases. In simple words, there is not a day that I loudly do not announce, “God I Love you and my life is yours.” “God you gave me life and my existence. Every breath that I take, every move that I make, everything that I eat or drink and so much more, is either because you allow me to do so, you provide for me or you make it happen.” It is all because I have seen Hell and life both in the past fifteen (15) years (BEYOND YOUR BELIEF). I believe in a few old sayings: “Love one another”, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” “Think right, do right and talk right.” I also believe in the sayings: “Knowledge is wealth,” “More is lost by indecision than by bad decision”, “Ask and you shall receive,” and “Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.” I use this last one sensibly and carefully as some people misunderstand its true meaning.

However, before you read the rest, I want you to understand that I am NOT bragging. I am just sharing the true fact of established credit and how a good and long term established credit could make you credit invincible.

As much as I do not believe in fortune telling, palm reading, card or coffee reading concepts, once a while to just throw my money away, I would listen to the advice of friends and drive with them to a few of these places, listening to what the ”so called, spiritual readers” had to say. It should read like this, "To my dismay, I had done this three times since 1994, when I was seeking for a way to see how I could turn my horrible life around, as described in my book "When I-RAN," available to the public in four months. Every time to my disappointment, I would lose a little money just listen to some nonsense that would never come true. Of course, you must understand that from 1994 through 2000, I was working on some large scaled business application/data storage software packages (for the laymen out there- large computer programs for multi-million dollar businesses). I needed a sense of direction and was lost. God was not answering me (or that I thought –He was not). I guess I was expecting Him to come and squeeze & twist my ears and force me to listen. I guess it is called knowledge and patience (that I was lacking and still am).

Anyway, for the past two years, due to my massive legal battles and … (read in the “When I-RAN” book), my former wife asked me to contact Sylvia Brown (the “so-called world renounced psychic”). I asked my wife, how she learned about Sylvia. She stated, “Through the Montel Show.” Since I heard about Montel before (although I never listened to his programs), I decided to listen to his program when he had Sylvia on his show. After a couple of times, I became doubtful as I could not understand how a person can tell a group of audience members what the after life or “other side” looks like. Then, I understood. No one actually knows what the after life is about, yet people are easily deceived. Who knows? I can have you hear anything you want and you would not know the difference anyway. My wife persuaded me by stating that Sylvia helped law enforcement agencies to solve murder crimes. Then I said, ”So the police departments do not need to invest millions of dollars and hire full time investigators –spend weeks, months or even years to solve a crime. All they need to do is hire Sylvia and her son (Chris) to go around the country and let these two finger point the criminals and the cases would be solved so much easier and more efficiently. This way millions of taxpayers’ dollars would be saved, the district Attorneys and the governors would look like angels, and would be happy to hold on to their jobs for life.”

For years, I believed that if the psychics had the ability to predict, then they all would be able to win the lottery all across this country (if not the globe) and did not need to read someone’s palm, card, a coffee cup or have a crystal ball. See, it is easy to predict the unknowns and unpredictable, if you discipline yourself. You may wonder how? Then, read the book “When I-RAN.” However, predicting someone else’s life or future, is a bit out of our hands, for those who believe in God, and is unusually suspicious when it comes to those who do not believe in God.

Anyway, as a result of my wife’s persistence, I agreed to blow away several hundred dollars by calling Sylvia Brown’s organizations. Of course, after a long recording and leaving several messages, I became frustrated and left an educated yet, frustrating message. As a result, I received a phone call and was told that Sylvia’s schedule is booked six (6) to nine (9) months in advance and Chris’ is booked ahead about 3-4 months.

However, to have Sylvia read my life it requires the fee of $750.00 advanced payment of several months and for Chris, it requires payment of $450.00 several months ahead.

The organization would not take any sort of payment but a credit card. To my amusement, would you like to know why? It is so that you would NOT be able to dispute the charge and that by the time the reading comes into the schedule, you would have no way to dispute as your time to dispute would have legally passed.

As a result of persistence, I authorized the charge of $450.00 since I needed to get a sense of direction for a couple of my legal issues.

This was the result of Mr. Chris Brown’s reading:
He insisted that I must stop my litigations, as I would lose them all and I would be spending a lot of time and money for no reasons. He even stated that I would be throwing good money after bad. (MBNA/BOA wants to settle).

He said we do not have any health issues…. And even commented about my family’s…

He said that my finances would be on the up and up and I would not suffer and insisted that I had to continue with my real estate and that only work on my book writing as a hobby and not as a source of income. Again, he emphasized that I must stop litigations.

He also told my wife, who had been recently demoted at her work, not to worry and in June she would be promoted and it would all workout best for her. He persisted that there should be no need for litigation in that matter either.

He also suggested that our relationship, the severely damaged relationship, would workout as he even commented by saying, “You kids need to work it out and everything will be alright.”

He noted a few other things.

I guess God had His own agenda and did not like for me to place my life, future, or trust in the hands or mouths of a ”so called spiritual reader (a fortune teller).”

Let me describe what transpired immediately after the reading of February 29, 2008. A week or so later, my investment account of many years with Ameritrade/Accutrade was liquidated as a result of repeated errors of Accutrade and its representatives’ belligerence, ignorance and stubbornness. I was placed into foreclosure by SunTrust bank shortly thereafter and came to a point in life that I, who never stutters in speaking, practically lost my sense of speech to the point that a friend came to my house baby sitting me, making certain that nothing would happen to me.

Not long thereafter, my aunt who raised me since the age of four, died and three weeks later my mom, who I lacked seeing so much and missed spending time with, died in a horrible car crash.

Yet this is October 19, 2008 as I am writing this, my wife is still at the same demoted position, and we live in separate houses because “we kids could not work it out.”

Then, I realized that I was right all along. No one knows anything about my life other than the God who created me. The knowledge and ability He gave me is what makes or breaks me and it is not what a ”so called fortune teller” tells me. God gave me several paths to choose, and I must choose one that would be most desirable and fulfilling to me. Although from time to time, just like any other human being, I may scream and say, “GOD, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Then, I realize, he put water, fire, hills and cliffs in front of me, told me the differences and showed me what will happen if I choose each. I did not want to listen and decided to hug the fire and jump off the cliff.

I further realized that I could become credit invincible under His guidance. Allow me to explain this part.

Immediately after having a foreclosure by SunTrust Mortgage Department along with a series of +150 days late payment, a late payment by another creditor and also being involved in a litigation with MBNA/Bank of America due to a “Charge Off” all on my credit reports, I was able to buy several expensive, new, or almost new vehicles ALL in a matter of less than seven months. Guess how good my credit was that all these negative impacts (describe above) had little to no impact on my buying power? You may say, "Okay, so what, you are suffering from high interest rates." Yes, you are right. My interest rates on these vehicles are—are you ready to read…?

1. A truck of $25,000.00 that has a rate of 4.9%,
2. A fully loaded Avalanche of $48,000.00 that has a rate of 5.5%,
3. A Porsche Cayenne that has an interest rate of 0.99% (using a credit card),
4. A fully loaded Silverado 2500 that has an interest rate of 5.75%, and
5. An Infiniti M series at a rate of 1.99% at a price over 50 is my most recent purchase.
I have all these vehicles and am making payments on all.

Now, let’s see if you understand what I am trying to say. In a matter of a few months in 2008, I have all of these on my credit report along with massive credit card limits;

1. I received a recent foreclosure and several 150+ day late payments for one mortgage loan; (soon to file action against)
2. I received a recent late payment on another loan;
3. I also had a credit card “Charge Off” of an amount -almost $14,000.00;
4. I Bought my first vehicle and still had enough credit and buying power to buy the second vehicle;
5. Negotiate, paid, bought and repaired a house for soon to be Ex,
6. Still had buying power and credit left to buy the third vehicle;
7. Have a judgment on my credit file; because, I was mourning the death of two mothers back to back, fighting a wife, negotiating, transacting and fixing a house for a wife; therefore, I forgot I had another life.
8. Bought another house (not Ex) using a credit card along with small line of credit;
9. Still had buying power to buy the fourth one;
10. Still had credit to buy yet another.
11. And am still fighting.

If you still did not get the message, it means every time you get a loan, that loan and purchase reduces your chances of making the next purchase. Each new purchase/loan must be settled and remain on your credit report for at minimum six (6) months for it to create any positive impact. This means, any new loan will drop your credit score for the first six months, as it is NOT an established account. Now, if your overall credit history is not a long terms history of 5 years or more, a new loan will take even up to a year to become a positive impact.

Do I need to continue or did you get the picture?

Do you want to answer me about my questions of which do I believe- the power of credit or power of spiritual readers/fortune tellers?

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With love and best wishes for all

Mike Samadi

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His believes in: "More Lost by Indecision than by Bad Decision", "Knowledge is wealth", "Ask and you shall receive" among others.

He had been college professor for years and is continually pursuing motivation speaking.