Planning Your Work, and Working Your Plan
(Part 1 of 3, From the e-book Powerful Careers: Designing & Living Fulfillment)

Its been proven over and over: to be successful, plan your work and work your plan. This next section will be confronting to many people, because it lies at the root of why we haven’t done all the great things we’ve dreamed of over the years. It takes that first step, of moving beyond just the dream, to putting a plan in place, and then working the plan, for the miracle of success to occur.

In the previous chapter we used the Merlin principle to create a plan of action backwards from the future you created.

One of the first actions you need to take after building your Plan of Action is to ask someone to be the one to whom you will be accountable for producing the results you are promising. This person will be the watchdog for your dream. They will hold your vision for you, even when you doubt it for yourself. When you fail, they are there to show you where the actions you took didn’t produce the results you planned; when you succeed, they are there to celebrate with you, to remember what actions you took that produced the results you wanted, and to ensure that you move to the next action, continuing to work your plan.

Choose someone that you trust; someone from whom you will be able to hear the words ”You’re not doing what you said you’d do!” and be empowered rather than discouraged. You want this person to be someone who sees the vision you have, can see the viability of the plan of action you’ve created, and is committed to your success. The most effective person for this role is often someone who will benefit themselves from the success of the vision. Amazing how much a little self-interest will cause a person to be willing to push you to hold to your plan!
To find the right person for you, you will want to look at the human resources you have available. We’ve touched on that subject before. In the following chapter we’ll look at how you can truly start utilizing the resources you have at your disposal.

Creating your plan is a vital part of any endeavor. You’ve created a basic plan already. However, if you stopped here, you’d be in the same place most of us have been countless times in the past. The second half of the equation is quite often left out. Not only do you need to create your plan, you must work that plan. It doesn’t do any good at all to have that masterful million dollar idea planned out in detail, and then leave it sitting in a drawer somewhere. ( By the way – if you have any of those feel free to forward them to me! I’ll be glad to implement the idea and collect the million dollars!)

It’s said that million dollar ideas are “:floating” around every day. Start a notebook for yourself – capturing your ideas on products that would improve effectiveness, services that are needed, products that would make life easier, services that would benefit people. During each day keep a record of the ideas you have, and those of others around you. You’ll be amazed at how may good ideas are just waiting for someone to put them into salable form!

Plan your work and work your plan – a wise adage. It produces results. But what can you do to ensure that the results are those you want to produce? We’ve created the three I’s of producing extraordinary results to answer just that question.

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Means Davis (’86) is the Founder and CEO of Empowered Enterprises, a global enterprise providing individual career coaching and organizational strategic planning, as well as custom designed training and seminars. He works with individuals and organizations to design their future, and supporting them in reaching their goals and realizing their dreams.