After you have discovered who your niche market is, you need to examine them to find out what products or services they are looking for. It's best to discover people's wants and then provide it, instead of creating a product and then trying to locate a market.

Visit some chat rooms where people from your niche market are likely to hang out. Sign up for some email lists they are likely to get. Analyze any information you find and try to locate a common problem that niche market has.

Once you discover a common problem, develop a solution. This is the easiest way to find an obvious void in the marketplace and fill it. This will help ensure you have an eager market for your service or product.

Remember, people are not online for a hard sell, but rather they are looking for information, things that will make their lives easier and for solutions to their problems. They will keep returning to you, if you solve their problem by giving them the exact solutions they need.

Remember, when you have a home business or any business, do not sell them, help them!

When you create a solution to a common problem shared by a niche market, you make your online business a valuable resource.
This is the way to position the product or service you plan to sell online when you are ready to become an home business entrepreneur!

And remember, benefits, not features are what you need to concentrate on!

You will never earn a single penny with you home business unless you convince your prospects that they need your service or product and can afford it no matter how great a product or service you have.

You must put the focus on how your service or product will BENEFIT the customer. They need to know how it will solve their problems and make their lives easier. Do this and you online business will prosper.

The features of whatever you are selling have to be turned into compelling benefits. I learned this back in the 1980's from a guy named Wade Cook who wrote How To Build A Real Estate Money Machine. He would buy houses on contract and turn around and sell them on contract thereby generating a nice monthly income. But when selling his houses, he always strived to sell the
benefits like, it's close to the school or near shopping areas, etc. You MUST do the same with your product or service.

Put simply, a feature is a simple fact about your product, but a benefit explains what advantages your customers will actually derive from using the product. You have to paint a picture for them.

Benefits are not "quality and service" or "cheapest". They are answers to "why should I keep reading?" or "what's in it for me?" or "why should I order?"

Every feature of your product offers at least a couple of benefits. You must figure out what they are. If you cannot come up with any, the talk to some of your customers or potential customers. Ask what they like about your product and how has it benefited them.

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