Positive self talk can transform your life and that's no understatement.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had a kid fresh out of college, fired up about the world, fired up about you. Imagine that this kid is going door to door selling YOU! She's fired up. She thinks you're the best. She's full of energy.

And now the best part of this is that she's really just a little genie sitting on your shoulder talking to you all day long. She doesn't see your flaws. She doesn't see your failures. She interprets all those things differently. Life is feeling pretty darned good. That’s the power of positive self talk.

* Your failures aren't failures anymore; they're just missed tries.

* Your flaws aren't flaws anymore; they're just little quirks that will just change in time.

* Your hopes and dreams are completely realistic and exciting... because after all, you're the best!

Where can you get one of those little shoulder genies right? Well you can create one.

Positive self talk is unimaginably powerful. Your self talk is like having someone sitting on your shoulder whispering things to you, every day, every year for your entire life. So you really want it to be as positive as possible.

I mean if you were choosing a boss, would you choose one who yelled at you all the time and cut you down? Or one that was supportive and excited about you and your potential?

So here are some simple steps to creating one of those positive self talk genies:

* Take a few days or weeks to listen in. Just notice. Don't judge yourself. Don't try to change it, just listen. You can't change your self talk into positive self talk if you don't even know what you're saying to yourself! You might even want to jot down what you're hearing in a journal.

* After you have a good idea of how you're treating yourself through your self talk, intend to transform your relationship with yourself into a positive one. Intend that positive self talk is just going to become second nature for you. Intention is powerful and it sets the stage.

* Listen in regularly to your self talk and start interrupting. Even if you can't counter it with something positive just interrupting is powerful. You can even say something like "I'm not talking like that to myself anymore." That sends a powerful message to your brain.

* Actively seek out those things in your life and in you that you like and can honestly glow about and love. Get that positive self talk flowing. The catch here is that it really doesn't matter if you're talking about yourself or something out in the world. The only caveat is that it’s positive and it feels good.

Pepper yourself positive, every day, in as many ways as you can and before long positive self talk will take root in a major way in your life and your life will flourish and that’s no overstatement.

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Rhegina Sinozich is the author of an amazing new book that will teach you how to reenergize yourself and your life so that you can create the life you really want to be living.

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