Attention small business owners – do you want higher profits? Do you long to share your passion for your company with others in your community? Don’t be afraid – get out there and sell yourself (and your company). What is your personal perception of yourself and your company? Do you believe that you can succeed? Believing in your small business will help to turn your dreams into a reality. For further success – keep reading!

Passion, Pride, Purpose, Profits and Perception – five words that should be in the hearts and minds of all small-business owners. As an entrepreneur, it is important to have passion for your craft. This passion allows you to take the risk of starting your own business. It gives you the drive to follow your dreams. The pride of self-employment makes you a force to be reckoned with! Pride makes you feel accomplished, successful and unstoppable. Purpose is knowing your business and personal goals. What do you want to do with your life? Where do you want your business to go? Profits – well, that is what all businesses strive for. Profits support your business, family and growth potential. However, perception is key to the kingdom of success in the world of small businesses. Perception is how you truly view your passion, pride, purpose and profits in your company. There is an all-new program available to help your business see greater success. A program that shows small business owners that the proper perception can lead to greater passion, pride, purpose and of course – greater profits. You can do it – if you only believe.

Do you want a greater perception of your business and yourself? "Vision For Success, based out of North Central Florida, has created a 52-minute video presentation that no small-business owner should be without." This is not just an informational video – this is a life-changing tool. I'm Ali Rodriguez (founder of Vision for Success and small business coach) and want you to have the opportunity to benefit from a creative and authentic approach to professional business coaching. This DVD presentation, discusses the “Power of FiveTM – Passion, Pride, Purpose, Profits and Perception”. Those who have attended my seminars have said, “I learned to dismiss what I cannot control, and to focus on my circle and use the step-by-step process for managing my ‘overwhelm’”. Another wrote, she “makes me think & take charge of my business”. Just a 5-minute visit to my testimonial page makes one realize quickly what an incredible impact Vision For Success has had on so many individuals and small-businesses.

"The “Power of FiveTM” is not just another DVD; it is a life changing, business growing and interactive experience." Don’t you and your business deserve a chance at greater perception, greater passion, greater pride, greater purpose and greater profits? Being self-employed doesn’t mean you need to be “on your own”. Team up with the proven techniques of the “Power of FiveTM”

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Ali Rodriguez (founder and owner of Vision for Success) immigrated to America from Cuba when she was a child. She began coaching in 1983 and offers mentoring, life coaching and motivational services. Ali has a passion for the small business owners and a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed in business and in life. Ali Rodriguez is a multi-cultured and multi-lingual presenter. She has been described as vibrant, caring, fun and gregarious. She entertains while she educates. and