Dr. John Diamond is a pioneer in holistic medicine. He developed Life Energy Analysis in the 1970’s (originally called Behavioral Kinesiology). Diamond discovered a link between the meridians of the body and emotions and his work encompasses a wide range of healing research into alternative approaches to raising and maintaining one’s Life Energy.

In his book Your Body Doesn’t Lie, Diamond asserts that “All illnesses start with a diminution of the Life Energy. Should this decrease continue,” he says, “some organ of the body will be the target for the illness.” Diamond claims about 95% of the general population tests low on the Life Energy Scale.

“A weak muscle indicates an energy imbalance…in the organ related to that muscle,” via the appropriate acupuncture meridian. Why is the Thymus so important? Because it is the controller of energy flow in the body and is the first body organ to be affected by stress as well as the first “to be affected at an energy level by an emotional state.”

Diamond says that when a person places their tongue against the roof of their mouth, the tip a quarter inch behind the upper front teeth [the centering button], their life energy is increased.

Another technique for strengthening our Thymus is your Homing Thought — a strengthening thought or image you come back to often. Since 95% of the people Diamond has tested have an underactive Thymus gland, what is this really saying about them? In Diamond’s words: “This means most of us are involved too much with unpleasantnesses and hate-provoking situations and not nearly enough with pleasant and loving situations. Too many problems, not enough lying on the beach. Too many people we hate; not enough people we love.” Negativity, it seems, always results in a diminution of our Life Energy.

“The most powerful gesture of love is the outstretching of arms to embrace,” and saying the affirmation, “I reach out with love.” The smile muscle, called the zygomaticus major, is linked to the Thymus gland. “If we cannot smile readily and easily,” Diamond writes, “we are lacking an important mechanism for continually activating the Thymus and thereby tonifying our bodies.”

“Somehow the Life Energy of the ‘strong’ person is diminished by his coming into personal contact with someone with a weak Thymus,” Diamond says. “…a specific imbalance can be transferred from one person to another.” This is an intriguing statement when viewed in the light that Diamond claims most doctors and therapists he’s tested “who are caring and sympathetic practitioners of the healing arts” suffer from underactive Thymus glands. “Life energy,” he adds, “should be a consideration when we choose our friends and associates. And our husbands and wives, of course.” When our Life Energy is high, others will benefit from close contact with us. The “reciprocal thymus relationship” is what Diamond regards “as the basis of all ethical behavior.”

Voices are therapeutic or non-therapeutic also. “If your voice is therapeutic, you will somehow have raised [the other person’s] Life Energy,” rebalancing their energy systems and correcting their underactive Thymus. “Find someone whose Thymus tests weak and say to him or her, ‘I love you.’” Their Thymus will then test strong. When a speaker has an active Thymus, this indicates their stress pattern is low and their voice will “fix” the Thymus of the other person.

We are, in our society today, so susceptible to each other’s Life Energy. “An emotional state, negative or positive, can spread through a community or even a country from its primary source,” and television is certainly a form of Low Energy suggestibility. How often, we must wonder, do we pick up an emotional infection that’s going around without even realizing we’ve been in contact with it? “Every act of violence on television, of which there are about a thousand a week, will weaken our Thymus gland and our Life Energy,” Diamond says.

“Within a day of severe injury or sudden illness, millions of lymphocytes are destroyed and the Thymus shrinks to half its size,” Diamond observes. Our bodies know what they need and what they need they want! “Ask your subject to think of someone he hates. The Thymus gland will test weak. Now, someone he loves. Instantly the gland will test strong!” The testing Dr. Diamond is talking about can be done many ways. Diamond likes to use what he calls an “indicator muscle” to determine whether a specific thought or image in a person’s mind is weakening or strengthening their Life Energy.

Why do so many music conductors live long lives? “A conductor is thus vigorously tonifying certain energy systems by the gestures he makes each day, at the same time he is being flooded by healing qualities of the music.” The effect, however, of rock music? “I found listening to rock music frequently causes all the muscles in the body to go weak. The normal pressure required to overcome a strong deltoid muscle in an adult male is about 45-pounds. When rock music is played, only 10-15 pounds is needed.” The body waltzes, it seems, and “The major arteries of the extremities do seem to have a waltzlike beat.”

Sugar will make all indicator muscles go weak unless a subject is “switched,” in which case he or she will actually test positively for sugar and weak for beneficial foods! Nearly everyone tests weak at the musical note C, for reasons not yet understood.

When our Life Energy is high, our body is far more skilled than a biochemist in knowing what foods are good and not good for it. Extracts of Thymus, bee resin or bee propolis will also raise one’s Life Energy. Diamond says over 90% of his patients test weak with beef, wheat, and dairy products. Slump your shoulders and your Thymus will test weak. Metal folding chairs will “switch” us because it is metal crossing the midline. Those soft, comfortable chairs are also lowering our Life Energy, as will crossing our legs or feet. Car seats “switch” us which is why a piece of plastic or plywood under our seat is recommended when out and about. Raise heels or occasionally the toes of shoes by putting lifts beneath them until the indicator muscle tests strong. Swimming, Diamond says, is excellent posture therapy. “If you float on your back your posture will automatically correct itself because you will be free of the differential pull of gravity.” The Alexander Horizontal Position is recommended by Diamond. “Lie down with your knees bent, your feet flat on the floor, and the outside of your thighs parallel to your hips. Put some books under your head so that your spine and neck are aligned.” He suggests practicing this position on a daily basis.

There are many techniques for enhancing Thymus gland activity and raising our Life Energy. Here are a few Diamond lists: Thump your Thymus three or four times a day to activate it and reduce the effects of stress. Take frequent energy breaks and recite a verse or two of poetry or look at a landscape painting while thumping your Thymus to minimize cerebral hemisphere stress patterns. Listen to revitalizing music while utilizing the Alexander Horizontal Position. Listen to birds singing and water running. Take a shower while standing straight and tall. Develop a homing thought [or scene in your imagination] that you come back to constantly to help you stay centered. Keep your tongue on the centering position. Smile as often as you can to correct any imbalances in your body energy system. Think and walk tall. Dwell on positive thoughts like love, faith, trust, gratitude and courage. “If you carry out these techniques regularly,” Diamond writes, “you will be raising your Life Energy rather than depleting it. You will be able to glean the best from a given situation or circumstance rather than being dominated by its negative aspects. And you will be able to make changes in your daily life that will lead you to the practice of primary prevention.”

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