For most people success is defined by how much money you have or how much money your business makes. As a teenager my definition of success was like most people measured by making lots of money. As I grew up I realized in order to truly be successful I had to grasp certain principles that will allow me to be completely successful. As I began taking a deeper look at it, I found it is actually possible to be successful even before the money and possessions. How you ask? It has a lot to do with understanding principles and knowing no matter what you possess, you are already successful! Success is a state of mind. We need to adjust our mindset in order for us to recognize that we are successful and enable the true manifestation to take place. I’m going to share with you what I call The Five Ps For Success. They are Passion, Patience, Persistence, Perception and Purpose. I believe they will give you a sense of direction and deeper understanding as you walk in your own personal success!


There is nothing in the world like doing something you want to do versus something you have to do. Whether you are working a regular job or have your own business, you have to make sure whatever it is you are doing you are passionate about it. You see, when you’re passionate about something, the way you talk about it; everything just sounds different. You come off more confident and knowledgeable. People can sense your passion and you are simply more believable. See, when you are truly passionate about something you can deliver it, sell it or as I like to say close the deal. Having passion for something simply can not be made up. There is no formula, either you are into it or you’re not. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself how bad do you really want it.

Patience –

For most of us this is the hardest thing to do… exercise Patience. I’ll be the first to say I wanted it yesterday, but that’s just not realistic. No matter what it is in life you are trying to achieve you have to have patience. I’m sure at some point and time you’ve asked yourself will it ever happen. Like most people I too have been in a constant battle within myself trying to figure out is this going be THE year? What I’ve found out is that many of us “feel” we are ready and “truthfully we are not.” This is where patience comes in. There comes a point when you have to realize if something is for you, it’s for you. Nothing or no one can take it away. Sometimes in life we have to simply be patient and see things through no matter what obstacles lay ahead.

Persistence –

I have to ask the question. How bad do you want it? I think the biggest mistake I’ve seen as to why people are not successful is literally because they give up to soon. They are not persistent in their journey for success. Simply having persistence can get you along way in life. I often ask many successful entrepreneurs about how they obtained their success. A lot of them told me “they simply refused to give up!” They were so persistent in what they wanted; they would not let anything stand in their way. Being persistent can mean the difference between success and failure. No matter what it is you are in pursuit of, you have to remember to stay persistent. Persistence is everything when you’re looking for success!

Perception –

Applied the right way perception can be very instrumental in your success. How people perceive you, your business or whatever you’re trying to achieve can make all the difference in the world. My point of view is probably going to be a lot different from most because I market people for a living. I have to look at most things by how people’s perception will be not by how it really is. It’s like being an image consultant, the person’s appearance basically is focused on more than who the person really is. Think about when you first put on a new suit or new dress you just feel different. It works both ways; the way you perceive yourself in it as well as the way others perceive you. The power of perception changes our entire outlook. Perception can catapult you and your business to another level.

Purpose –

Purpose is defined as something one intends to get or do. Do you know what your purpose is? I think for a lot of people the reason they are not successful is because they haven’t found their purpose. Sometimes you have to ask yourself what is my true purpose for doing what I’m doing? See once you begin to understand the relevance of purpose, whatever it is you are trying to achieve becomes simple. You must be guided by purpose. There are many people with the desire to be successful but have no purpose to be successful. You have to make sure that whatever it is you are trying to achieve in life in order to be truly successful that you have really thought about your purpose first.

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