The term bum marketing has become fashionable online in the past couple of years.

Bum Marketing is basically article marketing on steroids and is a method used by online marketers for driving free traffic to their websites.

It's one of the methods taught by online learning environments such as Portal Feeder 2.0 and forms one of the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle for those striving to build successful businesses.

However, too many internet marketers are making the same mistakes over and over again and are simply wasting their time when crafting potential traffic pulling articles.

Gaining sustainable success in internet marketing the Portal Feeder way means learning the basics and then becoming successful at them with rinse and repeat actions.

In this article, we'll take a look at the seven deadly sins of bum marketing you need to avoid to become a proficient article marketer.

1. Your title needs to be compelling. Lame titles won't even entice a reader to read the first paragraph of your article. Your keyword needs to be in the title, preferably at the beginning.

2. Your content should relate to a solution for the reader. People go online today looking for solutions to their problems and if they come across your article, then you better have one for them.

3. Avoid writing in the "me." In other words, avoid using "I" in your article.

4. Avoid using a traditional closing paragraph. People always look for the closer. In bum marketing, you want them to continue reading through to your resource box and if you write something like...

" Well, that's all there is for today, thanks for reading..." then they will more than likely give your resource box a miss. The resource area should be your closer.

5. A resource box needs to be enticing enough to guide the reader to your link. One of the best ways to do this is to offer a benefit. Again, avoid writing in the "me."

6. Try and get straight to the point in your article. Too many bum marketing articles are full of fluff and filler which will ultimately lose the interest of the reader. How to and tips are a great way to get straight to the point. Remember, you don't have much time to initially hold a reader's interest so don't give them some boring dribble from the beginning.

7. If you are submitting to several directories, try and make your article a little different. Portal Feeder 2.0 has been responsible in part for revolutionizing the concept of unique content.

For example, if submitting to 18 directories, avoid submitting the same article. Change it up a little. Re-write 30-40% of it, change the titles and put in different sub-headlines. A good rule of thumb is to submit one article to 6-7 directories.

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