If your website rankings are starting to fall and you can't figure out why then it may be something as simple as having broken links on your site.

There is nothing more frustrating for a visitor to click on a link and get a 404 error page message. Not only will they quickly hit the back button but your site loses credibility and it's unlikely the visitor will return again.

This is very costly, especially if it's a money page they've visited. An online training environment like Portal Feeder preaches the importance of performing regular website maintenance to ensure your site satisfies every visitor you attract to your pages.

Sending Visitors To The Wrong Page

Having broken links on your site is frustrating enough but even if they are working, but sending your visitors to the wrong pages means further frustration for your visitor. Remember, when someone visits your website it's usually because they're looking for a solution or an answer to a problem.

Broken links and wrong page direction only serves to frustrate them into hitting the back button and going elsewhere.

Your website maintenance schedule should not only ensure your external links are working correctly but also your internal linking structure is correct so that you are also maximizing your full page rank benefit. This means making sure non-money pages on your site are not diluting your page rank.

Add No-Follow Tags

Pages such as contact, privacy policy and disclaimer pages should contain a no-follow tag so they don't dilute page rank from your money pages. Yes, they are important in the eyes of the "Google Gods" but they don't make you money so and shouldn't be page rank potential.

Training within the Portal Feeder environment means getting your hands on tools such as link checkers and website analyzers. Automated checking tools save you lots of valuable time and once you've run your websites through them, it's then simply a matter of doing a quick manual check and your site is ready to negotiate the online traffic highway once again.

Performing regular website maintenance is no different to having your car serviced on a regular basis. Ignore this important function and it won't be long before it starts to suffer in the performance stakes.

Broken links and wrongly directed pages can really hurt your bottom line. Make this a first stop check point if your website is suffering in the rankings.

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