Getting traffic to your websites is the main problem faced by internet marketers and it's one of the main reasons why many fail to make any impression in the online world.

It's an art form taught vigorously in the Portal Feeder training environment and one you need to master to become successful. Getting visitors to your websites via the search engines is the obvious way to keep those profits rolling in but what if your search engine traffic was to inexplicably dry up, Where would your visitors be sourced from?

Relying wholly and solely on search engine traffic is akin to internet marketing suicide. You need to have a strong back up plan and most online marketers don't. So what can you do to provide a safety net if any of the major serps was to suddenly perform one of those famous dances?

Well, you could turn to pay-per-click marketing which involves paying for your traffic. However, many are simply not in a postion to do this either through lack of funds or lack of expertise. PPC has become volatile in the past eighteen months and a risky proposition.

The most reliable way of crerating a flow of income is obviously via a mailing list. It's a method which allows one to market to their loyal list of subscribers on a regular basis and if your information is useful, then they'll buy from you time and time again. But not everyone has or wants a list although it's hard to fathom why.

This leaves one other method which is very powerful in attracting free traffic and it's part of the Portal Feeder training schedule. Blog commenting. Yes, finding related blogs within your niche and leaving well thought out and constructed comments on them.

It's a method which has gathered momentum lately but if it's not done right it can back fire. When leaving comments on other people's blogs you want to make sure you're contributing something valuable to their readers or you'll quickly be tagged a spammer.

Portal Feeder says at least 20-25% of your traffic must come from sources other than search engines. This is very profound and once you understand and implement other traffic generating methods then you can breathe a little easier should your main search engine source disappear overnight.

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