Pop up displays are the most popular type of portable trade show displays for smaller booths at exhibits. Here are a few features to look for in a pop up display.

Hubs and Struts:

These form the structure of your pop up display. Strength here dictates the amount of force needed to cause a bend or break. Pay particular attention to where the hubs and struts meet. You can tell most of what you want to know just by looking at the construction and knowing a little about the composition.

Channel Bars:

As simple as these may seem, the channel bars are an important part of pop up displays. They represent the most pieces so they can be the biggest part of the setup process. They also create some of the structural integrity of the unit.

Hanger Bars:

These are the stiffeners that make up the top of each panel and are responsible for vertically positioning the panel on the display. Done right they create a specific position for each panel so matching panels line up correctly. There are a lot of different hanging strategies and these are a favorite method of manufacturers differentiating their products from one another: Pins, Magnets, Molded Locators. Truthfully, they all work well. Pin based hangers are visible to the viewer but it is negligible. If you find your customers (or your boss) looking at your hanger bars we would suggest improving the design of your trade show display graphics. There are two ways to produce pop up panels: with the graphic image going all the way to the top of the hanger bar or with the graphic leaving a one inch reveal of the hanger bar.


Rotomolded pop up display cases are best. Blow molded use a different plastic that isn’t quite as durable. Having one case instead of two means you only have one thing to manage. Having two cases instead of one means each of the filled cases weigh a lot less, but you probably can’t wrap a removable graphic on them. Benchmarkimaging’s Vision system gives you the option of either 1 or 2 cases and has a graphic wrap strategy for both. Don’t overlook the added value of wrapping your booth case in a graphic and using it as a podium. That is one more efficiency that makes “pop ups” so pop-ular!


Lighting will enhance the visibility of your message. This is a frequently overlooked accessory. Research has proven that people’s attention is drawn to the brightest object in their field of view. The marketing translation for this is that your prospects will see your competition before they see you if they have lights and you don’t. Attachments for lights is an issue for ease of installation. The lights for both Pop Ups by Benchmarkimaging.com are specifically made to easily install on our booths.

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