In working with clients as well as on my own personal growth, I've noticed a unique human characteristic that few people recognize. When you understand this insight, you'll be able to use it in your own life to propel you to greater levels of happiness, success and fulfillment. I'll reveal this characteristic in a minute but first I'd like to share this story to help illuminate the point.

There lived in a small mid-western town a bright, vibrant, young lady named Jennifer. She was especially kind and well known throughout the small town for constantly reaching out to those around here. She would always hold the door for folks, help the elderly carry groceries to their car or just flash her beautiful smile at anyone she saw.

Not long after her ninth birthday, Jennifer, usually a very healthy child, began to get very ill on a frequent basis. She would easily tire. She took on a pasty white appearance and she experienced a great deal of nausea and vomiting. Her doctor assumed it was the flu and treated her as such, asking Jennifer's parents to make sure she drank plenty of liquids, mostly water.

As the months wore on, Jennifer's condition showed little, if any improvement. At that point, her doctor, a small-town family practitioner, seemed fairly baffled by Jennifer's lack of improvement. According to the blood tests he conducted, her condition had actually deteriorated. He quickly referred Jennifer to a well-known pediatrician at the university hospital 80 miles away.

Jennifer spent several days undergoing test after test to determine the root of her illness. At the end of the third day, the renowned pediatrician declared his diagnosis. Jennnifer suffered from a rare form of cancer, which strikes only 1 out of 10 million children each year. This particular form of cancer was also linked to long term exposure to a chemical used in pesticides.

As the consummate physician, Jennifer's pediatrician conferred with the doctor in her town. After much discussion, the pediatrician made a startling discovery. Over the past 4 years, a total of 5 children throughout the Jennifer's small town had been stricken with similar forms of this rare disease. Only 3 of them survived the illness.

Upon further investigation, the pediatrician learned the town's water was primarily supplied by an underground fresh-water spring. Upon hearing this, his conclusion was immediate. He suggested pesticides used on the many farms in Jennifer's county had contaminated the water as it made it's way to the surface.

Numerous tests were conducted on the water supply and the pediatrician's theory was proven beyond any doubt. Deep within the ground, the water source was still pure. But, as the water surfaced, it was contaminated to a degree that resulted in many unwanted and lethal effects on the surface.

Over the next several months, aggressive actions were taken to bring this tragic situation to an end. Jennifer immediately underwent treatment and was sent home to recover with an excellent prognosis. She would live to see her tenth birthday. The town made arrangements to receive water from a neighboring community until a solution could be instituted to prevent further contamination.

This story highlights a very important idea and a unique characteristic of human beings. I ask you to think of yourself as having your own underground spring within you, at your deepest level. It's your pure source of power, wisdom and nourishment. It is virtually life itself. You can give it many names such as Spirit, True Self, God, Universal Knowledge, Christ or whichever name fits your belief system.

Just like the town's underground spring water, the flow from your Source may be effected by contaminants. Perhaps you had a miserable childhood. Maybe you suffered some abuse or trauma. Possibly, like many of us, that contamination is simply a result of being human, with all the challenges we face.

Whatever the form of contamination, there is a less than desirable, outward manifestation of it. Fear, anger, and depression are some common ones. Perhaps you have your own. These undesired aspects of your personality manifest and reek havoc in your life. They keep you from experiencing the levels of happiness, success and fulfillment that you deserve.

Like the disease that manifested in Jennifer, they steal away your very life. Also like Jennifer's disease, they're not the real problem. They're not the cause. They're merely symptoms of the contamination of that which flows from your pure Source.

You've got to look beneath the symptom. Like Jennifer's renowned pediatrician, you need to start asking questions. You want to ask if others experience similar symptoms. We do. You want to isolate the contaminant - the real cause of your problem. When you feel angry or fearful, stop and ask yourself what you're really thinking about that causes those outward effects. In what belief are you engaging?

Like many others and myself, you'll soon realize you have only a handful of fundamental beliefs that manifest into fear, anger, greed or whichever one fits you. These are limiting beliefs about yourself and the world. They are very insidious, usually controlling your life without you even knowing it. They are beliefs like ¡°I'm not good enough,¡± or ¡°I have to be in control,¡± or ¡°there's never enough money.¡± I'm sure you have your own that keep you from living a great life.

Once you name and begin to recognize these insidious beliefs in yourself, you then have a choice. You can choose to allow them to go on running your life or you can go beyond them. You can reconnect to your pure Source of power, wisdom and love. You see the outer symptom, you see the underlying cause and you transcend them both. That can change your life as it has for me and many others.

It's your life! Create it the way you want it.

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