There is no magic pill, trick, teqnique, system or secret to success. However there are many beliefs and habits that will bring you the desired results that you wish to have. It is your choice to develop the appropriate beliefs and habits that produce the results that you wish to have. If you honestly are not happy with the results that you are having then you must change the actions, which are producing those results. The following are 6 of the habits, which I have found will rapidly accelerate your sales and income to heights, which only you will limit.

The number one “secret” in order to boost you sales is Activity. There are 3 ways to increase your income in sales 1. Activity, 2. Closing ratio, and 3. Average job size. The easiest of these three ways is to increase your activity. You cannot sell jobs if you are not consistently delivering written Quotes and asking for the order. Many salespeople pre-judge, and pre-qualify (or disqualify) their prospects and never deliver the proposal, which will solve their potential clients needs. Many salespeople also deliver the proposal but then fail to ask for the order and close.

The second “secret” is your Belief. You must have positive beliefs, and thoughts at all time. These beliefs will create the proper actions and habits. As Mike Litman (author of Conversations With Millionaires) says people form habits and habits form futures.

The third “secret” thing you need to do is be Committed. You have to be committed to yourself, your product or service, your company, and above all your beliefs. If you choose to believe you can or believe you cannot, you are correct in both instances. You must be committed to consistently deliver a predetermined number of proposals each day, week, month, and year. Your number of sales will increase indirect proportion to the number of proposals you deliver. This must be done with what I call absolute “No Option Behavior”. You must be committed 100% to deliver a proposal to every prospect you sit with and also to ask for the order from every prospect you give a proposal too.

The fourth “secret” is Disipline.You must develop new disciplines, which will then produce new results. This should be done to all aspects of your life, professional, physical, and spiritual.

The fifth “secret” is Enthusiasm. Always remember that the first thin a prospect must buy is you and that enthusiasm sells. You must avoid negative people, negative habits, and negative thoughts and constantly expose yourself to positive thinking.

The sixth “secret” is Focus. You must have goals (the seventh “secret”) and a plan to get there. When you have goals and focus on the little steps (habits and disciplines) you will receive all that you desire. You must focus on the results and outcomes and not on the process, it is just as easy to develop new disciplines and actions one step at a time then it is to continue with your old habits and disciplines that are producing results, which you are unhappy with.

Happy selling!!!
Tony Pola

Author's Bio: 

Tony Pola was a $40,000 gross income self-employed painter less the ten yrs ago. He had the same problems a lot of you have, not enough time, not enough money, and not enough family time. He then turned to sales in order to increase his income. That is until he discovered the secrets to sales success and how to make a 6-figure income.