Each New Year brings with it resolutions many of us declare and intend to keep. We decide on things as simple as eating healthier, exercising more, starting a new diet, to complex issues such as starting a new career, finding a new relationship, or becoming a parent for the first time (or third). Each year more people commit to changing something about their current life situation, but rarely do we focus on subtle yet important changes in the way we treat our children. What about a pledge this year to find a new way to connect with your child?

Start off 2008 by creating a new connection with your child and commit to keeping it all year long. The saying goes that if you commit to a change for 30 days it becomes a habit. Why not make it habit to be more patient, use a softer more loving voice, pay attention to what your child says to you, offer more hugs, apologize if you overreact to something, become more involved in their extracurricular activities or school.. Make your resolution mean something which will have a life long impact. Diets come and go; exercises become boring and who needs to resolve to have a new career? Just do it! Your children will appreciate the moments you were present with what they had to say and the lasting effect will be immeasurable. If you don’t already, set aside time each week to do something as a family; make it a priority to have a game night or watch a special movie. Spend 15 minutes of one on one time each day with your child. Read a book together, talk about girls (or boys), show interest in something they love to do. Your time spent in the moment matters, but it matters now not next week. Have fun finding new ways to connect with your child and make it a great year!

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Tara received her parent coach certification through the Academy for Coaching Parents International, is a recognized Certified Coach for Parents of Intuitives as well as an ACPI trainer; is a columnist for Children of the New Earth, an online publication and American Chronicle Newspapers; and is a parenting advisor for ParentalWisdom.com and Momference.com.

She is also the founder of JustForMom.com, Moms In Print, the Just For Mom foundation and the Mom's Choice Awards.