When forming your wedding budget, decide first how much to spend for the wedding, then how the expenses will be divided. If you search around, you will be able to find other sample wedding budgets and wedding budget worksheets. Paying for wedding expenses can be handled in a variety of ways. The responsibility can be:

(a) assumed primarily by the brides parents
(b) assumes primarily by the grooms parents
(c) shared equally by both sets of parents
(d) shared by both families together with the bride and groom
(e) assumed entirely by the bride and groom themselves

Wedding Budget

Final responsibility for wedding costs has been stated by tradition, but there is really no right or wrong way to handle the costs. It is a matter of choice. It is appropriate to discuss the budget with both sets of parents, especially when they bear some or all of the financial responsibility. Be sure everyone involved agrees on the budget.

Wedding Budget Worksheet

A spirit of compromise should lessen the possibility of hurt feelings as your families agree together on the wedding budget. When setting your budget priorities, compromise on quantity, not quality. The amount of your budget will not necessarily determine the style of your wedding; you can have a formal wedding and reception on a limited budget with careful planning and a smaller guest list. You do not need a wedding budget worksheet to get an idea on how much to spend. The following percentage estimates may be useful in breaking down your total wedding budget into categories:

reception 48%
bridal attire 13%
flowers 10%
photography 9%
dj entertainment 8%
rentals 3%
miscellaneous fees 3%
bridesmaids gifts 2%
transportation 2%
stationary 2%

These percentages are a starting point for developing your budget and can be used as a tool when selecting various wedding vendors. To determine a guideline figure for each category in your budget, use this equation:

Your total budget x each items estimated percentage

Sample Wedding Budget

Okay, here is a sample wedding budget. Assume that your total budget is $10,000 (below the national average for how much a wedding costs, and you want to know a guideline for determining how much to spend for DJ entertainment. Using the formula above, you multiply $10,000 times .08 = $800. Therefore, as a guideline for a $10,000 wedding budget, $800 would be an appropriate amount to spend on DJ entertainment.

You can change the percentages given above, depending on what you want to emphasize in your wedding. Be sure to prioritize the following aspects of a wedding according to what is most important to you:

- number of guests to be invited
- wedding site (church, synagogue, hotel, club, at home)
- reception location (church hall, hotel, club, at home)
- bridal attire (what you will wear)
- food and beverages (what kind, and how will they be served)
- flowers (what kind and how many)
- photographs (which professional photographer company to choose)
- music (soloists, live music, DJ entertainment, dancing)
- transportation (a limousine, a luxury rental car, friends new car, or family car)

After having computed the amounts for each category, you may want to reevaluate your priorities. Make whatever adjustments are necessary to more closely meet your expectations. Once you have determined the amounts for each category, keep track of them with wedding planning forms. For some expenses that are traditionally the groom’s responsibility - such as certain flowers and his wedding attire - the cost will be determined by the overall wedding style. Other items in his budget will reflect his own preferences.

Your budget should be flexible enough so that unexpected costs will not ruin it. You can usually expect to pay from 10 to 50 percent as a deposit for services. This deposit is often required in cash. You may want to consider opening a new checking account allotted for your wedding and reception expenses.

Wedding Budget Planning

Together you and your fiancé can use the ideas and formulas mentioned in this article for healthy wedding budget planning. You should keep a close tab on the budgeted amounts, total costs, deposits made, and the balance due in each category.

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