Plan Your Weight Management

"Begin with the end in mind." - Stephen Covey

"They can because they think they can." - Virgil

Positive thinking is nice and certainly helps, but it is worthless if you do not associate it with action. Nothing is going to happen; nothing is going to change unless you start the change.

Would you move to another city without planning?
Would you build a house without plans?
Would you take a vacation without knowing where you are going?

If you wish to lose some weight you must first concentrate on the task, have a plan of action: what are you going to do to lose the extra weight?

Then you must do as planned.
It has to be a regular and daily practice, make it a routine.
Remember what you want to achieve.

Think of the size you want to wear.
Think of the level of health you want to enjoy.
Think of the quality of life you desire.

Think of the delicious meal you will enjoy today, healthy nutritional meals that will feed your body and eradicate your cravings.

Think of your fitness, how easy you move your body, now that you exercise everyday.
Think how great it feels to wear a smaller size.

Focus on your progress. It is up to you to set your mind to success.

Do not listen to the little voice in your head that is trying to convince you that you cannot manage your weight.
Do not listen to the voice that is nagging you not to expect too much.

The voice that tells you: "it is too difficult, who wants to bother, who wants to exercise everyday, who wants to cook everyday, who want to…." You can fill the blanks.
Give this voice a vacation.

Listen to the voice that will help you trim this extra weight. Listen to the voice that believes in you, the voice that knows that you can achieve anything, once you set your mind to it.

You first need to believe in the person you can become.
It is the strong desire and the emotions associated with this desire that will support you when you will need to overcome your doubts and the difficulties that will present themselves on the way to your ideal weight.

Now that you believe in yourself, now that you have an invincible desire to trim all your extra weight, now that you are unstoppable, it is time to start planning your weight management.

You will need:
• A healthy nutrition plan
• A healthy exercise plan
• A self support plan
• A daily motivation plan
• An emergency plan

The secret to success is planning and following the plan.
Plan and DO.
Adjust the plan whenever needed and check your progress.

To your health and your ideal weight
Isabelle Epstein, dedicated to healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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