The art of picking the right contact lens should not be left to personal judgment. Contact lenses are fast becoming a society fashion trend but reckless use of them can lead to serious complications.

You should never play "devils advocate" with the eyes simply based on the current fads. Yes, contacts will enhance your appearance but picking the right contact lens should be based on vision needs first and then fashion.

If you have been considering switching to contacts and simply hate having to wear eye glasses don't let your decision be swayed by what your friends are doing. Your first and most important step should be to visit your eye care specialist.

We're not talking about an optometrist either; you actually need to visit an eye doctor. Your eyes need to be checked so a power number can be assigned to establish the correct level of vision care.

The strength of lenses are determined in units known as diopters. If you are near-sighted then your lenses will have a minus number attached to them. The opposite is determined for people who are far-sighted. In other words, these are known as power numbers and is a common language in the world of eye care.

Could you determine this on your own. Not likely. That's why it's important to first get a thorough eye test by a qualified vision doctor before you even consider what type of lens you are going to insert within the eye area.

Another reason why visiting an eye care specialist first ahead of an optometrist is to determine any solution to future complication. If problems arise after you switch to contact lenses then the correct course of treatment will be known ahead of time. In other words, your doctor will be preparing for any problems he suspects could occur.

Contact Lens Types

When picking the right contact lens, your personal needs will be taken into account. Soft and hard lenses and bandaged lenses make up the the types of lens available to consumers. This is before we even talk about cosmetic-style lenses.

It's not uncommon for first time users to be prescribed soft lenses. Bandaged lenses are soft lenses designed for therapeutic needs. In other words, they are designed to seal in moisture. They are commonly used on eye surgery patients during the recovery phase.

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