Your dreams can become a reality. This is true! Yes, this is possible by learning to tap into your inner power and strength. While dreaming, you release your doubt about your world of possibilities. Without doubts there are no limitations. Personally, I believe that your dreams do not reflect an image of you but it is really you in true spirit. Dreams are real and are guides to your own spiritual awareness.

Dreams heighten your awareness by giving you the consciousness to realize that everything you dream of achieving can become a reality. Your inner energy can manifest your dream while awake. You have to believe that you can make your dreams come true. According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, you must, “think of yourself as limitless as you make a new agreement with reality. Picture yourself as limitless as you make a new agreement with reality. Picture yourself able to accomplish anything your mind can envision.”

You must release the negative words of what others say is impossible and ask God to show you what your possibilities are. Set yourself free from doubts by taking a closer look at yourself and being open to blessings and miracles.

It is OK to daydream from time to time. Your dreams are often your guide to your life’s purpose. Many people have made their dreams realities and so can you. Daydreaming can make you feel free and able to accomplish your goals in life. Set yourself free from limitations and tap into your spiritual consciousness and move into the world of possibilities.

When I had my reoccurring dream for my novel, Purpose Lies Within, it made me believe that dreams are very meaningful and significant. I believe that dreams have spiritual meanings because it taps into your inner self or inner being. God has sent me the gift to write through my dreams. All of my novels are based on dreams that God has sent me to write into books.

Dreams are not revelations. If a dream affords that dream some light on himself, it is not the person with closed eyes who makes the discovery but the person with open eyes lucid enough to fit thoughts together. Dream- a scintillating mirage surrounded by shadows-is essentially [poetry].”
-Micheal Leiris (French Anthropologist, Author)

Sometimes we have dreams that are strange and some even funny. We all have experienced some strange dreams in our lifetime. I have spoken to many people and almost everyone I have spoken to had strange dreams such as falling, losing their teeth, and seeing snakes. Some dream experts have come up with the meaning for these dreams.

When I was in high school, I had a funny dream that I woke up in bed in the middle of the school cafeteria with pajamas and hair roller s in my hair. Everyone was in the middle of school lunch. Students passed by my bed and said, “Hello”. I was completely embarrassed. The dream was so real to me that I woke up in a hard sweat.

Many times dreams can heal broken hearts. I believe that dreams can be a way to contact love ones who are deceased. I have spoken to many people who have experienced it. I have experienced it on numerous occasions with my grandmother. Over the years my grandmother has come to me during troubled times. These dreams are so real to me, it was as if my grandmother has never died. Her spirit still lives on because she still visits me in my dreams and lives within my heart and soul.

Example of Dreams (Excerpt from the novel, Purpose Lies Within): (In this scene Nia is dreaming about her deceased father who died during the Vietnam War before she was even born.)

“It was like a dream; they were running towards one another with their arms reaching out. He was running to her and she was running to him. She was a little girl, about six years old. He had on his army uniform looking so tall, handsome, and strong. His nametag read “Chevez”. As they were just about to reach each other and he was ready to lift her into his arms, he vanished.”

Dreams are very powerful; it can gives you answers to problems that you face in your everyday life. According to Deborah Gregory (contributing writer for Essence and Vibe Magazine), “Most mental health experts agree: Dreams are the roadway to our unconscious, for symbolic interpretation and ideal for use in creative problem solving.”

When I went through my traumatic rape experience I kept on having flash backs. I wanted to stop replaying the violent experience in my head so I prayed over it. For years I believed that it was my fought that I lost my virginity after I promised God that I would wait till I was married. I literally thought that God hated me and I always felt so ashamed. All of this came to an end when I sought out spiritual counseling and had a dream.

I dreamed I saw Jesus Christ. I had another horrible flashback dream and in the dream I saw Jesus standing outside in the rain through the window; Jesus was crying. The dream showed me that God still loves me. This dream helped heal me, which made me hold and much stronger. My dreams is what helped me cope with my problems and deal with my painful past.

Pepsi Togar, Ph.D (Teaches dream interpretation at the Seminar Center in New York City) states that “Most religions has considerable respect for dreams, and the Old Testament of the Bible is full of them. Biblical figures such as Daniel, Joseph and Jeremiah were dream interpreters on hand...When others tell you their dreams, listen!”

Dreams are usually seen like a movie. Just like movies, dreams have a story to tell and it has everything to do with you because it is linked to your spirit. According to Togar, “Dreams are like scenes in a movie. They’re produced and directed by a higher power, but the star is always you.”

So, take a closer look at your dreams; your dreams may be telling you something. Dreams can open doors into what you need to do with your life. Dreams can do numerous of things such as give answers to problems, warns us of things that may occur in the future, heal broken hearts, links us to deceased ones, and lead you to your purpose in life. Often times God communicate to us through dreams. So listen to your dreams and take heed, for your dreams can be a huge blessing for you as well as for others.

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This is an excerpt from Kimberly S. Phillips’ book Purpose Lies Within: A Motivational Book For The Heart & Soul. Kimberly S. Phillips is also a sought after speaker and the author of the novel Purpose Lies Within. You contact Kimberly S. Phillips at(404)378-1416 or at Her website address is