Your first defense is your best. A type of white blood cell called Natural Killer (NK) cells, may hold the key to the growth and spread of cancers. First discovered in the 1980's, NK cells are recognized as the immune system's front-line defense against cancer, viruses and other pathogens. In healthy individuals, NK cells routinely kill cancers while tumors are microscopic and before they are detectable. Measures of NK cell cancer killing function are considered primary indicators of clinical prognosis. Research shows that NK cell cancer killing function is often low in those with a family history of cancer and is suppressed by cancer surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Stimulating NK cell function and supporting the immune system's front-line defense has become one of the most promising avenues of cancer treatment and prevention. Since 1986, 29 published scientific studies have shown that a natural compound called ImmPower-AHCC, made from a hybrid of mushrooms used in traditional Japanese medicine, stimulates NK cell function by hundreds of times and provides significant benefits for patients with cancer.

In a five year, controlled study of patients with liver cancer, following surgery, those taking ImmPower-AHCC lived 23 months longer than those who had surgery alone. Also, overall mortality was 28% lower in the group taking ImmPower-AHCC as compared to the control group and disease free survival was more than one year longer.

Because ImmPower-AHCC does not effect tumors directly, but works to support the immune system, its effects are not cancer cell type specific. Research with ImmPower-AHCC has also shown to benefits for numerous cancer types including with breast, prostate, ovarian and multiple myeloma cancers, as well as viral diseases such as Hepatitis?C. ImmPower-AHCC is now available in the US as a natural supplement.

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Unlike other white blood cells, inadequate numbers of NK cells are very rarely a problem. Instead, it is the activity of the cells that generally determines whether one is sick or healthy. As long as the NK cells are active, everything remains under control. If cells lose their ability to either recognize or destroy disease cells, a patient's health can deteriorate rapidly. In AIDS and cancer patients, NK cell activity is a primary criterion for estimating the chances of survival.

AHCC has been shown to increase the formation of granules within NK cells. Each cell contains several small granules that act as ammunition. Once an NK cell has recognized an invader, such as a cancer cell, it attaches itself to the cell's outer membrane and injects these granules directly into the interior of the cell. The granules then explode (the biological term is ¡°lysis¡±) destroying the cell within five minutes. The undamaged NK cell then moves on to the other cells and repeats this process. When the immune system is particularly strong, active NK cells will often take on multiple disease cells at the same time. ImmPower-AHCC has been shown to increase NK cell killing capacity by several hundred (in some individuals, a thousand) fold.

The Proof.

The latest published research on ImmPower-AHCC presented at the 1998 European Society for Surgical Research showed extraordinary results. For example, 151 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) were entered into this clinical study. All patients had their tumors surgically removed and after a brief recovery period, they were divided into two groups. The first group began taking 3 grams of ImmPower-AHCC per day while the other group acted as the control. After approximately 5 years, the disease free survival in the group administered ImmPower-AHCC was significantly higher than the control group. Also, one year after surgery the tumor markers in the group taking ImmPower-AHCC were significantly lower than the group taking nothing. This study suggests that ImmPower-AHCC has treatment and preventative effect in postoperative liver cancer patients.

Next, a 1995 clinical study published in the International Journal of Immunotherapy showed what happened when 11 cancer patients took 3 grams of ImmPower-AHCC per day, post treatment. Three prostate, three ovarian, two multiple myeloma and three breast cancer patients had their tumor associated antigen (TAA) markers measured before, during and after taking ImmPower-AHCC. The results speak for themselves: Significant decline in the level of PSA in all prostate cancer patients, significant decline in CA 125 levels was observed for 2/3 ovarian cancer patients and one of two multiple myeloma patients had significant reduction in BJP level (the second had a slight decrease). The level of CA 15-3 in two breast cancer patients did not change significantly, however the CEA in one of the breast patients did see significant reduction.

Other important data to come from this trial includes the Natural Killer Cell activity level. Nine of the eleven patients had dramatic increase in the NK cell activity level as well as their T and B cell activity level. In other words, the patient's reduction in tumor markers correlates with the increase in strength of their immune system, validating the notion that a strong immune system can help fight cancer.

It is very important to mention that none of the patients participating in any of the clinical trials where ImmPower-AHCC was administered at the therapeutic dose observed any side effects or toxicity. Remember, there are many chemicals available that have the ability to shrink tumors, but at what price? There is a big ¡°risk-reward relationship¡± in cancer therapy and finding a nontoxic compound like ImmPower-AHCC, which carries virtually no risk with the possibility of a great reward, is the future of cancer research.

For further research on ImmPower-AHCC, go to or contact the manufacturer, American BioSciences at 888-884-7770.

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Fred Pescatore is a medical doctor with offices in both New York and Dallas. He uses both alternative and conventional therapies in his practice and is also the author of alternative medicine and dieting books.