In business, the primary goal is to succeed. Competition is fierce in both online and offline businesses. Using four basic principals can increase your sales by up to 300% or more.

The first principal is pretty easy. Call your customer by his or her name. By doing this, your customer feels that they are more than just a sale. It is a way of personalizing your service. Customers tend to give more of their attention when you use their name.

Principle # 1 - Call your customer by his name.

People feel more comfortable when you call them by their names. If your target customer is a complete stranger, ask him politely about his name. Pronounce his name correctly and mention it throughout your conversation. This way you can get his or her attention and make him or her listen.

Principle # 2 - Make your customer feel the need.

Demonstrating your product to a target market is the best way to introduce it to the market. Many people will be curious if you set up a stand and show them how the actual product works.

It is important that your demonstration is clear and concise. Nobody wants to walk away thinking that your product is too complicated to use.

When you are offering a new product, you have to make the consumer feel that it is something that they cannot live without. It is important that you do not use the word selling in your sales pitch. Using the word offering instead. Consumers respond better when they do not feel like you are pushing a product at them.

Principle # 3 - Make it seem that you are helping the customer, not selling something to him.

When customers feel that you are helping them they will respond better by paying more attention to the details of the product.
It is important that you do not tell the customer that one particular product is the one that they are looking for; explain to them why it is the best one for them and how it can benefit their situation.
The more details that you offer will result in higher sales.

Principle # 4 - Never take no for an answer

This principal can be tricky. You do not want to take no for an answer, however, you do not want to be perceived as an overbearing salesperson who just wants to make a sale.

It is important to finish your sales pitch, however it is equally important to listen to what the customer is saying to you.

Explain the pros and cons of what the customer is telling you and how your product will benefit them and save them money at the same time.

In today's day and age, consumers want convenience, but they also do not want to spend their life savings getting it.

Nobody is born with perfect sales skills. It is a talent that is developed over many years and through a lot of trial and error. You will not be able to make every sale, however, using these four principals will assist you in raising your level of sales.

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