Roots and of my favorite life philosophies.

I believe we are all very similar to trees in a metaphorical sense. We have our “fruit”, which are our results. These results are based on our behaviors in that our behaviors, or actions, are what create our results.

We have feelings and emotions, which are like the branches that carry the fruit. It is our emotions (e-motion = “energy in motion”) that motivates us (or not) into action. We have thoughts, which are carried in the trunk of the tree. Our thoughts trigger or activate our emotions.

And then we have our roots, which is our belief system. Whatever it is that we believe is what feeds the entirety of our being: our thoughts, our emotions, and our behaviors. Therefore, it is our beliefs that most impacts our whole being and our results.

There is an old saying, “Whatever you can’t see is more powerful than what you can see.” This roots and fruit model is the ultimate example of this. You cannot see the root system of a tree, nor can you outwardly see your belief system. Your belief system is “buried” and until you consciously evaluate and inventory it, you will have no idea of what is impacting your life from the inside. Your beliefs affect your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors and actions; and in the end, your results.

I have found that there are four primary beliefs that will either empower you or sabotage your success. They are as follows:

I have to perform at a certain level or else I am a failure. VS. I always do the best that I can and I accept my every outcome with gratitude.

If people don’t like me, accept me, or approve of me, I feel like a reject. VS. I attract and connect with all the people that I need who will accept me as I am.

If I fail I am unworthy of success, abundance, prosperity and love. VS. I accept my failure and mis-takes as experiments and every one validates my ongoing commitment to living my life fully.

I can’t change...This is the way I’ve been, this is the way I am, and this is the way I will always be. VS. I am an agent of change and I live in the possibility of newness every moment of my life.

I believe if you trace back any undesirable behavior or result, you will find one ( or more) of these four beliefs at the root of it. Once you have identified it, you will then have a conscious awareness of what has been driving you and you can make a conscious choice to allow it or not. You can then “bombard” yourself with your desired beliefs.

You take in information visually, auditorilly, kinesthetically, and spiritually. Use all these information input portals to fill yourself with your desired beliefs.

Write down your desired beliefs on an index card everyday. Repeat them out loud in front of a mirror. Call and leave yourself a message with these beliefs in the message. Say them as mantras as you run, bike, workout, or rollerblade.

Visualize yourself living out your desired beliefs in a meditation. Pray a prayer of affirmation acknowledging that God is already instilling these beliefs into your root system and surrounding you with the Golden Light of Love and Protection that keeps these desired beliefs locked in your belief system.

Before you know it, you will be believing your desired beliefs. And that will give you more positive thoughts and emotions, which will create the behaviors and results you ultimately want in your life.

Remember: If you want sweet fruit, take very good care of your roots!

* I thank my good friend and fellow coach Deborah Roth for the inspiration for this article!

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